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Does anyone else have itchiness on you dick after PEing? Particularly around the base.

No,could it be that your allergic to your lube?

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Do you shave that region at all? Maybe the itchiness is from new hair growing back. Just an idea, sometimes mine will get like that.

You didn’t mention what kind of PE’ing.

I shave and I’ll get it from pumping or hanging. Especially if I do either with in a day or so of shaving.
Kind of like razor burn except it doesn’t burn, it’s itches …. kind of … similar but different.

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Sometimes exercises can stretch and put stress on the skin. Sometimes when I do a lot of dry jelqs the grip makes the skin a bit irritated and sore after a while from all the friction. This sometimes causes my skin at that area to itch for a day or two, then it’s fine again. Maybe skin itches when repairing itself from something like this? Anyway, if that’s what you got then don’t worry about it.

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