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It seems this is the new place for my motivation...

It seems this is the new place for my motivation...

I am only 19 (almost 20), and until now I didn’t really ever think much about the size of my dick because I assumed I was about average.

Somehow, in a conversation with my girlfriend (about black guys w/ big dicks), I began to feel insecure about my size and wether or not I was really pleasing her. Long story short, she apologized for mentioning the issue because she didn’t know how insecure guys are about their penis size. She convinced me about how much I pleasure her and I have a dick she really loves. Because she says she’s never had sex with anyone else she has nothing to compare to or even think of. I don’t really believe that because I mean most girls must fantasize or something - but she said she didn’t and really only thought of me. (what a sweet girl eh? :) ). I forgave her, but the thought still lingers every once and a while.

Anyway, I went on the net to find out if it was possible to make your penis larger. I read about 5 sites and many of them seemed to recommend I figured, if its a scam, I’m out $40.

I quickly found this forum (much more active then the forum), and as I read the threads, I began to believe that this really could be real.

I’m just starting to read the exercises at

I’m going to look at more threads to see if I can find others routines for beginners, but maybe you guys could add suggestions or comments here as well :)

As of my first day (starting tomorrow), I have an errect length of 5.3” and a girth of 4.7” (roughly). Would it be unwise to wish or expect something like 6-6.3” Length and 5” Girth?

Any increase would be great as all I want to do is please my girlfriend even more. (and obviously give myself some more confidence).

This place will be my new home for the next little while as I try to soak up as much information and technique as possible.

Thanks for having such a cool site!

Joggled Mind

Welcome aboard mate, yes this is the best site for PE and you wont find a bunch of nicer guys anywhere else.

You will get all the advice and help from experienced and not so experienced people.

All you have to do is ask.

My advice to you, start slowly, do not be in a rush and don’t expect to see any increase in size for at least the first three months.

You will no doubt notice that your penis will hang, in the flacid state, differently to what it doe’s now after the first few sessions, gives you a great feeling.

As you may have already read -gains do come for most but not for all. Every person is different. It also takes time, energy, concentration and commitment.

Enjoy your exercises and more growth - keep us informed.

Health is Wealth

Hi and welcome aboard!

First thing is that PE is for real and it works!

The best place for you to start is to read all the info that this board has to offer. It is a wealth of information to new people, like yourself, to get started at your new hobby. Your gains that you are looking for is not out of the question, maybe more. The best thing to remember is that your penis is not in shape for what you are about to throw at it so take it real slow! I’m sure others will chime in with there opinions, that is what makes this a great board, and everyone here is like you… wanting a bigger one. There is allot of routines out there, and some of them you need to stay away from till you get in shape to take advantage of them as they are for advanced PE’ers.

Here is something you can start with…

1. 10 minute warm up with a wet wash cloth, make sure its as hot as you can stand it with out burning yourself.

2. Manual stretching for about 10 minutes

3. Do about 100 jelqs, you will have to find out what style works for you.

4. 10 warm down same as 1

5. Massage your whole genital are, including the test to help get blood flowing again

6. Post PE session should not be over looked! After your workout get a movie or what ever to just let your penis rest. Do not restrict him anyway after workouts with tight clothing if you can avoid it and keep him warm.

Do this for 5 days and take Sat and Sun off. Try to avoid sex or masturbation after PE workouts as they may be counter productive to your goal.

Well that right there can get you started… ok. But still read as much as you can about PE. I have learned so much from the guys here and I have gains to show for it. Hope this has helped!



from what I read at the site, it seems as the Manual Stretching and the Jelqing are quite similar, and for the most part only affect the length.

Is this true? What are the differences between Stretching and Jelqing? Would what you recommended also improve my girth?

Well with jelqing you will increase length and girth while manual stretching is to hit the ligs that are attached to your pelvis bone. What I have learned was the harder the erection while jelqing the more your going to work the girth and visa versa. Never jelq with a full 100% erection… not good. I will go to about 85% to 90% to work for girth, but you have to be very careful at that stage cause you can damage something very easily!

Jelqing is great for girth and some length.

Manual stretching is good for length.


I know how excited you are… I was there also! But when I blew a vein by doing uli’s I knew then that my penis was not in shape for what I was try to accomplish! So I had to lay off for about a week and the vein healed nicely. I went back to school and started over. So it would be best for you to try that routine I made up and stay with that for a month and after that you will be able to take it from there. I threw everything at myself to fast and it was very foolish and counter productive. I lost my erection because of overtraining and I felt hopeless! This is not the king of response you want to get from PE… Now I’m on track and making gains, my erections are harder than when I was 25. I feel good about how it looks and this is the outlook you should walk away with after every PE workout!

Take it slow…… slow…. read, read and read some more!


From my experience and what I’ve read of others’ here’s what you should expect.

An slight increase in girth and length almost immediately - but I do mean “slight”. If you have the average penis (use it normally and aren’t into any hairy violent sex), I think your 0.3 inches in girth may come as early as a few weeks. The inch of length is going to take time, but I think I gained about a 1/6-1/4 inch in length almost immediately just from relaxing the penis a bit. The penis isn’t used to being stretched and pulled and a wee bit of work often seems to result in minute improvements in a fairly short time frame.

It is my opinion that you should only do light girth work and concentrate on stretching. Jelq at about 50% erection. Then do stretches. Your goals are very modest (1 inch length and 1/4 inch girth) and thus I have high hopes that you’ll be very happy with PE.

One thing… take it easy. After a few days you’re going to see some slight changes and most likely you will become ecstatically happy about it and think “I need to really get into this!”. Take it slow. I injured myself and am now temporarily constrained to length exercises while what I really seek is more girth. It’s awful. So please, take it easy.

Also, sounds like your girl is a sweetheart - try to be as understanding as possible even though it hurts to hear about that stuff sometimes.

I have a feeling you’re going to be one of our success stories… :-)

Joggled Mind

Sorry I forgot to mention we also have a few Ladies on board who may also offer advise from the womens point of view and other thoughts!

Don’t be shy - they also are a necessity and a great help to all.

Health is Wealth

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