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Hey everyone.I need some advice and info from the pros on this one.It concerns isps or put simply…shrinking penis.I did a search here without turning up too much info.

I know a little about it but not enough.Ive had it several times in the 2 months ive been PEing.The reason i brig it up now is because i went to take my first official mesurment today and ive had the shrinkage for a few days now and the mesurement i got was ONE WHOLE INCH SHORTER than a quicky mesurement i took on a off day a few days back!Without a full erection none the less.

The shrinkage is very noticable too me but dosent bother me too much because i know my size goes back once i heal but i hope some of you can shed some more light on the isps for me.

Thanks in advance.

An inch is a hell of a lot :(

I wonder if you are progressing your program too quickly. If your penis is not pretty much back to normal in the morning then thats got to be a bad thing. If you’re reaction to workouts is shrinkage thats classic overworking.

Erections vary greatly and it may be that when you are measuring with a partial erection you are pulling slightly (effectively taking a bone pressed semi flaccid). Once you are fully erect its pretty standard for the length to be pulled back a bit as the girth fills out.

Measuring is also a hard thing to do initially (or at least I found consistency hard). If you measure 3 times and average out the results then round down maybe you’ll get more consistent results.

The only time I’ve seen noticeable shrinkage was on taking a week off, after that the lost length returned very quickly and gains continued.

You also have to look at when you got your best measurement. After a bath/shower you will probably measure bigger, so thats good to avoid.

Thanks memento.I have started doing light horses and 80% jelqs recently..but after 2 months my guess would be its the horses that are overworking me.After 2 months the 80% jelqs shouldnt do it. gotta be the horses.Thanks again.

Hmm, horses are kind of intense but maybe it would be worth just looking at how much time you spend on the various exercises than the exercises themselves. With 2 months good jelqing under your belt you should be able to handle a few squeezes.

Thats what im thinking too.The only other ex i do are manual stretch and fowfer stretch.What i do with the horses is i do 2 10 sec squezze every 5 minutes during a 20 minute jelq session.

I thought that was pretty slick but i guess its overworking me.

Doesn’t sound like too much but its all a matter of intensity. Maybe you should trying only jelqing for 15 minutes.

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