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Is this cheating?

Is this cheating?

My dick has an upward curve which means the length is longer on the underside.

My question is, if I measure NBP on the underside of my dick does this count as cheating when it comes to telling a girl your length or you guys on here?

What do you guys think?

I’ve also got that upward curve. I always measure top side. My curve isn’t that severe though, so I don’t see it hurting me too much. My vote is it’s cheating. But one could argue it’s not. You know, when that puppy is in use, it straightens right out!


Not sure to be honest, but I would probably straighten it out then measure.

Damn, I’m jealous, would love to have an upward curve!


Use a soft measuring tape like the kind they measure waists with and let it follow the curve of your dick on top. Then add your fat pad to it and that will be your bpel measurement. That wouldn’t seem like cheating to me. Unless of course you can straighten it out when measuring, then that would arrive at the same measurement anyway. I wish I had an upward curve.

I agree with using the cloth tape measure, I agree that it isn’t cheating and I agree an upward curve can be way cool. The purpose of measuring, anyway, is to gauge your own progress, not to compete. As long as the measurement is taken the same way each time everything should be fine.

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I just measure my upward curve with a cloth tailors tape. I measure on the top side which is much shorter, so maybe you should either straighten it out or take an average of top side and bottom side to get a more accurate measure for her. Forget that last part, that would confuse everything. If she doesn’t want to supervise the measuring process, you can tell her anything within a couple inches of reality. She’ll buy it….PB

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I say measure it how ever you want too. You really shouldn’t need to tell a girl anyway. Unless she is really small and you are really large. Personally I would rather see the look on her face when she sees it for the first time then tell her before hand. I think it would excite her more that way.

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Nope, not cheating at all :) I have some curve also, and when I jelq- I jelq against the curve so it slowly straightens it out.

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Haven’t you guys been paying attention to Wadzilla? You should never tell a girl that you know what size you are, that would signal to her that you are concerned about size. You should just tell her you have no idea how big it is and then ask her if she’d like to see it.



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Funny.. I don’t really like my curve .. although it kind of curves to the right and up at the same time.. it’s more the curve to the right that bothers me. Even still, I’m always bending it to try and straighten both the curve up, and curve right.

Never give out your measurements, let them guess :)


Mine curves upward pretty remarkably and I’ve gotten nothing but positive comments about it. Personally, I also measure from the top. I dont have a tailor’s cloth tape, so I doubled a piece of masking tape over on itself and marked the inches off with a normal rigid ruler. It works just as well.

Mine curves upward a little. I just press it to straighten it out a little for measurement.

A friend and I had a conversation about measuring with a curve. I told him that IMO it all has to break the plane. So it counts regardless of the direction it is pointing.

When I measure, I always use a tailor’s cloth tape and follow it along and I get 7NBP with a strong erection but when I do the same on the underside I can easily get 7.5NBP! My dick reminds me of a bannana a bit. LOL.

I guess if I take the average of both I am 7.25NBP. Or maybe I’m just a stupid cheating bastard! Either way, I NEED Girth!!


I have that curve also, next time I measure I will do both to see what the difference is. Bro I could watch your avatar dance all night I have the tunes playing and she’s got the moves

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