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Is there any proof that lig related lenght gains WILL eventually reach a plateau ?

Is there any proof that lig related lenght gains WILL eventually reach a plateau ?

I mean cant the ligs enlarge for ever also (even if it would prejudice the erection process) ? I mean the consensus is that lig gains are finite but is there any factual proof ? Im in the dark.

Very good question. I cant tell ya. I’m sure someone will come along soon and give their opinion.

Im very curious to know because so far I had 2 inches in length gains but none regarding girth, which leads me to think my ligs alone are the one to blame for my gains (but this is an issue for another thread :D ). If lig gains can be infinite I would be a happy happy mother fucker !


I don’t think your gains may stop they just will be harder and harder to get. That’s what I’m finding now, it takes me a lot longer and a lot more work to eek out a small gain. I think you need to be like still or some of the other guys to get hanging gains after a while, you must do long hours to get gains. But who knows.


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All I can offer is my anecdotal “evidence”. I gained length rapidly for the first several months of PE. Then gains screeched to a halt. Convinced it was just “tough ligs”, I spent 4 months doing nothing but intense downward stretching, with miniscule gains. I then switched to tunica stretching at upward angles and my length gains returned.

I think once the ligs reach a certain length, you are not able to stress them alone, and when combined with the tunica, that is a tough combination to stretch, requiring intense manual stretching that may be impossible to maintain, especially the grip, or very heavy weights. I think it’s best to isolate each part, work ligs until easy length exhausted, work tunica until LOT rises, and if you are still then looking for more length, work ligs again.

But that’s just my opinion…

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But why do you assume upward stretches provide tunica gains ? These are the only kind of stretches I have been doing and my ligs get so sore its not even funny.

nitro, what’s your LOT?

Its like 8, 5 . Now would you mind telling me is this has something to do ?

Even if your LOT is 8.5, your ligs could get sore from stretching upwards. Remeber that when you test your LOT you are finding where the ligs take ALL of the stress. Think about how low the tension you are using is when you are testing your LOT. When doing actual manual stretches with a LOT of 8:30, you are no doubt still putting at least SOME of the stress on the ligs (as long as you’re not stretching in a completely upwards direction anyways)

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But my stretches are mostly completely upwards, and I used to do some very intense 1 hour downwards strechtes some months ago and the gains started to reocur only when I started to pump and do upwards stretches again.

Are you absolutely certain it’s your ligs that are sore, and not your tunica?
I think the physics of PE is, if not largely, then, to a great degree, assumed. I’m not asserting that these assumptions are made from ignorance or haste, I think many of them may be right or at least have merit. Still, PE hasn’t been privy to the same amount of scientific scrutiny and study as, say, Viagra. We have certain medicines that work, we don’t know why, but we have an assumption behind it. Still, the medicines work. Several aspects concerning popular hypotheses with PE may be the same way.

Whether or not the ligs can be stretched infinitely, I don’t know. Technically speaking, I think all things have a limit. We can stretch a rubber band only so far before it snaps. If it doesn’t snap, it would eventually become so thing that further lengthening would not be possible.

To make this point clearer, let’s pretend that a material has been invented that never reaches a breaking point. That is, it has no elastic limit. One strand of this material is fixed to a pole and the other is fixed to a large boat. If the boat is given a mission to circle the planet until something prevents the new material from stretching, providing that something is not unrelated to the material itself, there would come a point at which something other than stretching must occur.

Possibility 1: The string, because it has no elastic limit, cannot break; however, due to the molecular composition of the material, if it were stretched too far the particles building that material would eventually be pulled apart. Rather than breaking, some part of the material would cease to be as a result of it being pulled apart at the molecular level.

Possibility 2: A point would be reached where the material became a chain of atoms aligned in single file. By some definition, this chain of atoms may be said to still be that same material, only altered by its stretching. Still, the issue of whether or not this strand of atoms can be said to be the original material would be up for serious debate. Would this new strand of atoms hold the same qualities of the original material?

I’m sure there are other possibilities, but I’ve gotten off on a serious tangent here and I don’t want to make things worse.

Basically, I don’t see how it’s possible to have infinite possible gains from ligs. When a thing is stretched, it grows harder. When a thing is harder, it is harder to stretch. Eventually, a thing that is stretched will break or grow so thing at some point in the middle that it will break in that area. This seems to be true with everything I’ve ever seen stretched: glass (hot), metal, plastic, rubber, and even wood.

The difference between a lig in a penis and all the things I mentioned above is that our ligaments are in our body and are living tissue. The wood I saw break was no longer part of a living organisms, and did not undergo any healing process—as do things in our bodies. The question is, are our ligs repaired in a way that they are widened? If not, they could grow to a point where they are so thin that they would be too hard to stretch any further, or would grow so thin at a point somewhere in the middle that it could tear apart—possibly without notice, if it is thin enough.

Of course, none of what I’ve said above comes from medical research, it is only the mindless babble of a sleepy baboon meandering around in Thunder’s Place. ;)

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How long have you been hanging?

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If we inspect the anatomy of a man, I don’t believe that you can get infinite lig gains. Simply because the ligs ain’t the limiting factor anymore, the tunica is. Another guestion is, if the tunica, and therefore the attachment point of the ligs, moves forward enough to create new lig tension and the ligs would become the limiting factor again.
So, most likely, no, it’s not possible. You could stretch your ligs by for examply stretching your penis down and then pushing into your ligs with your fingers, but it doesn’t have any effect on your penis size, since the ligs don’t limit your size anymore, the tunica does. Infinite lig STRETCH is possible, but not GAINS.

Can you get infinite gains from stretching downward angles? Sure! After the ligs are stretched enough, more and more larger part of the stretch goes to tunica instead. Why we then stretch to the upper angles? To create more direct stretch to the tunica. When we stretch downwards, the tunica is “bent” and part of the stress goes to these tissues which hold it in it’s place. Part of these tissues are ligs, but not all. Isolated stretches.

Just my $0.02.

The chain is as strong as it’s weakest link and your penis is as long as it’s tightest attachment.

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