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Is PE your main hobby?

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How big a pastime is PE for you?

PE is my all consuming passion, above all others.


PE is one of my hobbies but I do other stuff as well.


No, just do my routine and forget about it.

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The only reason I’m PEing is because I’m quite insecure about my small girth. Once that feeling goes away I’ll probably stop since my schedule is quite demanding (snowboarding as much as possible and working nights in the winters). I’m hoping I reach a descent girth by the time this winter rolls around or else I’m going to have to come up with some pretty creative girth routines. Actually now that I’m on the topic, does anyone know of any form of all day girth training? Such as ADS? I know that this the wrong thread to be asking but O well.

June 1st: Nbpel: 6.1 Sept 18th08: Nbpel: 6.2

Eg: 4.0 Eg: 4.5

Originally Posted by kingpole
Yes I do that think about the next session. Sometimes I find myself stretching my dick in m y sleep.

You´re joking right?

I, can, I can, I can not, can not compute..

What up my Lord! Nice thread. However, it has made me realize that I am overly obsessed and nothing else matters in my life…DAMN YOU!!! Why whY WHY!!! I just want a larger penis! Thats all! Is that really too much to ask!!!

DAMN IT…DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL…oh wait, I’m getting a call from my therapist.

Originally Posted by tntjockey
Check this out, I also posted this in another one of your threads about red dots. Read this these posts to the end in my thread and note the date. This is so Ironic. I have reached my goals posts 5 and 110. This a lot of what you have threaded here. It became habit to my wife and myself, and when the my cock started to become massive to us, we could not wait till our decon break was over to continue our PE exercises.

Hey tnt think you will ever start up again?

dlm, the first part is admitting you have a problem etc etc lol! Nah I love my new hobby.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Originally Posted by anon771
You´re joking right?

He’s not. His gains contribute to his high level of motivation and dedication. I think once you start making real progress, PE becomes very exiting. I long for the day that I can make some real progress, so I can stretch my dick while I sleep.

Starting stats: Feb 08: [7.3 BPEL * 4.9? EG]----Now: [8.00 BPEL * 5.1-5.2 EG]------GOAL: [8 NBPEL * 6 EG]

Perception is reality.

hmmmmmm, cocksomniac? narsiscockic?

Originally Posted by Mr. T
It’s that dedication that probably got you that big dick though. You made PE priority. I find myself not going out on the weekends now to avoid drinking. I think drinking is bad for PE.

Hey Bro I can safely say drinking and PE don’t mix, I had been out drinking and came home and slipped on the Bib hanger and upped the weight and started swinging the weights and doing some bad judgment stuff. I was lucky I only hurt myself slightly and only needed a week off. I totally recommend not pe’ing or posting when your fucked up:D

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