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Is jelking good for ligs or tunica?

Is jelking good for ligs or tunica?

I am aware of that at 100% erection, jelking is mainly for girth, but at lower levels it is good for length. My question, is jelking mainly increasing length via lig extension or tunica expansion (or a combination)? Maybe some of the experienced pe’ers, like Bib, have some input.


Bib, RB, anyone


I personally feel for me it is a combination. I dry jelq so in addition to expanding the tissue I can also get a bit of lig stretch almost like a jai stretch. I feel the expansion of the tissues best with a regular jelq grip and a better lig stretch with the over hand (palm down) jelq. I alternate my sets back and forth.

I think for Ligs it’s LOT dependent. If you have a higher LOT and jelq straight out or slightly down, then the ligs are worked. My initial length gains must have come from this, as I’m sure I had a high LOT and only jelqed, no stretching whatsoever.

For tunica, I think it is good for a new pe’er, as the tunica is at it’s weakest and most susceptible to expansion. As it toughens, I find it hard to get enough pressure to really work it well, so I’ve switched to primarily stretching with about 10 minutes or so of dry/wet jelqing just for blood flow and penile vascular health…

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