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Is it just ME, MYSELF & I?

Is it just ME, MYSELF & I?

I would just like to know whether anyone else has had an injury from stretching too hard in the past. Surely i’m not the only one that has had an injury from this. I would like to know whether it will all turn out o.k. Please let me know i’m not alone on this one, so I can get some advise from your past experience with the problem.


What did you do? And what are the symtoms? Describe in detail.

I pulled too hard during the stretches and fealt something give way on the right side. It was the right ligament. There was no pain, but when I tried doing it the next day it was painful(sharp sting). I took 10 days off and then tried doing just gentle jelqing. The pain came back after a few days as I slowly jelqed harder.

I then took 5 weeks off, but I was masturbating 1-3 times a day, everyday and I believe this stopped it from healing, even though it didn’t directly coarse any pain.

I went on the rowing machine a few days ago and that has made it painful again. It seemed to trap my dick between my legs and tug on it.

I think that the jacking off with the rowing made my injury come back. The jacking coarses a light tug on the penis and if done enough could accumulate and make the injury very difficult to heal. Add more tugging from rowing and it was bound to bring back the pain.

So I am now going to take 2 months off, without spanking the pigglet(very tough for someone who spanks 1-3 times evey day for years on end). No more rowing for me either.

This better work, cuz I don’t want to explain to my doctor how I did it and I have a small dick and don’t want to show it to anyone. Let alone a young female doctor who has probably had many dicks inside her, much bigger than mine. When I get nervous, it shrinks to a pathetic, pointy 2.5”. Totally embarassing, so I really hope this next 2 months gets it healed.

Is there anyone out there that has been through this type of injury before? I can’t be the only one. Or can I?


It seems that you have some kind of injury, let´s hope it´s not so bad however.

My advice to you is that start right now taking it easy, meaning that don´t think too much about it, because thinking about it doesn´t help. Just live healthy, don´t smoke, don´t use any drugs or narcotics, no alcohol, eat right, sleep enough, get motion by walking every day. Don´t do any rowing, jelqing, stretching or masturbating or anything which could make it worse for the next 6 months, but only give it rest. After that, if you feel ok., you can start PE:ing again. Anyway, don´t stop writing to these pages, but keep in touch to us.

If you follow this, I´m quite sure you´ll get better than you´ve ever been in your life. It´s up to you.

All the best to you
Hope you´ll get well soon


This sounds a little like Dance’s injury. You might ask him about his, and what he has done.


Thanks for the help! I’l try to ask Dance what the score is.

I don’t know about 6 months rest though. I desperatly want a bigger dick and don’t want to wait quite so long. I’l see what dance is saying.

Thankyou for your help! Keep the advise coming fellas. Cuz I need it.


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