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internet urologist reliable???

internet urologist reliable???

Anyone heard of Newman K. Lin, Ph.D???

just wondering because I asked this person some questions about nerves and it sounds like he is trying to sell me some products to heal my nerves called MOODMAX and VIP cream. What are these and do you think this person is reliable???

his website is www.actionlove.con

joe seven;

He’s selling. Don’t buy.

If you need a urologist there is an excellent net service which I’ll post in the Mens’ Sexual Health Forum tomorrow; helps you locate one.

There is no good medicine on the internet, but there is a lot of good medical information there. You just have to learn to separate the wheat from the chaff.



Hey joe,

Everything you have is broke, don’t worry though, Dr. Lin has something he can sell you for any problem he diagnoses. The guy is a quack. Poke around his site and I am pretty sure you will come to the same conclusion.

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I recently gathered that from his responses to my e-mails. Quick one liners that dont answer the questions I ask and he misspelt wait twice on 2 different responses. Keeps giving me different answers to the same question (which I stopped asking a few e-mails ago), I may just keep e-mailing him simply for a good laugh.

Yep he is definetely a quack. If a guy claims he is a doctor but does not have the designation “MD” next to his name, he has not graduated medical school. For all you know his Phd, if he really has one, could be in sociology.

Go Figure

Over here, you can buy a PhD based solely on “life experience.” I understand that this is becoming popular elsewhere.

Whatever happened to “working for it?”




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