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interesting thread about penis size


Originally Posted by wadzilla
As god as my witness, I made a valiant effort not to post in this thread. With that said……I have run (an I mean literally) from one that was too big.

It was so big, I talked him into letting my friends look at it. They were freaked out too. We still talk about him…..

She told me she wouldn’t make a big deal out of it! What a lying POS! :p

Hmm nearly all those girls saying they’ve had a big/huge one (not sure what size is big/huge for them)

And when I read what this girl said she had me wanting to bitchslap her

Dane: “Frankie was gifted. But we had to go SLOW SLOW SLOW….one day after hurting for days and him wanting more I finally measured it….frigging 12 inches!!”


“I am the authority on size (after all how many has he seen/felt)”


And the original poster of that thread must be small by the sound of it. Would be interesting if he found his way to this forum…

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