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Injury Update/ Present Disliking of Clinical Urology

Injury Update/ Present Disliking of Clinical Urology

I decided my condition needed another check up. Here’s an update. So strange, so disheartening. It’s hard to stay completely positive about it lately, as hard as I try.

Improvements on left side of shaft. Sensation seems to be slowly coming back, although it still seems to go way down for a time after sex/masterbation. I try to avoid masterbation as much as possible now just because of that.

Right side of shaft- Numb/Sensationless. I never realized until about two weeks ago that all slight improvements I felt ended about less than halfway across my shaft. The right responds as much to touch as the skin on the end of one’s elbow.

One can see the color difference between the two sides also. Maybe more pressure was applied to the right side that fateful night.

To keep a story short, I was concerned about this new development so made a second urologist appointment with someone my dad recommended. To get to know me better, I’m a nineteen year old skinny kid who kinda looks more like a seventeen year old. I’ve always looked younger than my age. So when I saw this urologist, it was in my tendency to be a bit intimidated. I told him this new development, I even gave him a history of the injury (left side, right side, ect)

I told him about the powerjelq and it seemed like the guy totally wrote me off. He started giving a grin of slight disgust/ great disapproval. He wrote off PE and curvature correction entirely even though I didnt even try to support it. The eyes he was giving me when I mentioned the idea of the powerjelq made me feel like an unsure kid giving a class presentation for the first time.

Basically, he said it’s in my head. He said there can’t be any damamge after the check up because there is no sign of scar tissue. I re-stated that the right side of shaft was still numb, and he re-stated that everything looked to be in shape. I asked him about tissue death/nerve death, and he just said that everything was in line once more and that it was all in my head.

Disgust. .Embarrassment. Deep Hurt. Anxiety. Waning Hope.

I haven’t cried in over a year and when I left that place i cried tears of anger and frustration.

I don’t know where to go next. I want to just forget about my guy down there entirely but I can’t help but think about it at least once in every while.

Three months and the right side of my shaft is numb. Does anyone have any thoughts about this, any recommendations? Should I see a nerve specialist? Is it possible/plausible that the right side of my shaft went through nerve death through a eight minute stretching on the sides debacle with the power jelqer? I keep reading about different types of nerve surgery/treatment, but can that apply to the penis?

I’m really lost. Clinical urology just let me down, my dad says I should just let it go and that there is no problem. But the truth is that I just need a little direction. I really am so grateful for you guys, even as I keep coming back and coming back. One day when everything turns out alright, and even if it doesn’t, I’ll be able to return the favor somehow.

I think that there is a significant sector in the medical community that should have been a part of Stalin’s purges… and I mean that sincerely. But then, there are probably a percentage of people in all walks of life that would have been valid targets for that whackjob.

Don’t know what to tell you but to wait. Possibly the nerve specialist. You do realize that regardless of the situation there is undoubtedly a heightened sense of anxiety on your part due to your age? It’s pretty understandable. Nineteen is still within those image-forming years and to have any undesirable situation with your penis is a huge load on your mind.

Clarencerock, my heart goes out to you. It may take some time, but somehow methinks you are not ruined for life.

Three months isn’t really all that long, though I’m sure it seems forever. Give it more time. I doubt a neurologist would recommend anything other than resting longer, but see one if it will help ease your mind.

One thing I’d try if I were you is alpha-lipoic acid. It is fairly cheap at Wal-Mart (about $5 for 60 100 mg capsules). It has been shown to help counter nerve damage from diabetes. It may also help nerves in non-diabetics. Do a web search.

One page I found lists this among its other benifits:

Lessen numbness and tingling. Alpha-lipoic acid may benefit anyone whose limbs tend to tingle or become numb, or “fall asleep” due to nerve compression. In animal studies, alpha-lipoic acid increased blood flow to the nerves and improved transmission of nerve impulses.

I don’t know if it would help you or not, but might be worth a try.

I think that you could be reassured that the urologist thinks you have a functional unit. it could be that your sensations are heightened by your youthful anxiety about it (the guilty “did I fuck up myself for life” type of thoughts.) forget pe for a few years and avoid masturbation. just be yourself, grow up find a girl when you feel ready for it. come back to pe when you have reassured yourself that all is ok. Now is it possible you have some residual nerve damage - yes but this type of thing is slow to heal. My wife had liposuction some time ago. She had numb areas and burning type sensations for over 6 months. by a year later it was essentially normal and years later all forgotten about.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Increase circulation to your member

The best was for the body to repair itself is to let more blood into the area. I do not mean like an erection, try massaging your member for 1/2 hr a day the increase circulation might help with your problem. Good Luck


I feel like I could write a book on nerve damage. I am slowly getting back into PE after my third bout with numbness in my glans. You didn’t say whether or not you had numbness in the glans or head. If you don’t have numbness in the glans, sexual intercourse should still be pleasureable, although obviously not as much as before. However, you should still be able to achieve an orgasm. FYI - nerves can regrow at a rate of about an inch a month if the sheath that carries them is not damaged beyond conventional cell repair ability. They can still regrow at a slower rate even if the sheath is damaged. It is likely that you did damage your nerves with the PJ. The main dorsal nerve bundle that connects the glans runs along the top of the shaft. If the numbness is in the CC area (sides) you likely damaged nerves on the side of the shaft. The good news is that you have had some improvement. The better news is that there is not a lot of distance for the nerves to knit up. I had nerve damage in my left arm due to a bulging disc in my neck. It took about a year for that to repair itself. My recommendatioin - lay off of PE until you are completely recovered. Also, do lots of kegels or PC exercises to improve blood flow to your unit. I did this and it helped immensely.

Good luck


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Hey guys, thanks so much for the feedback and encourgagement. I’m on the alpha lipoic acid right now, try;ing not to tell if it’s working or not for a week or two. Kind of weird, people used to say I was the most up front kid in terms of sexuality, and now that has kind of faded. Funny what an injury can do to your personality.

Anyway, thanks so much again. I’m off to Maine to relax before college. I’m positive about my situation again. That’s very good to report, as before this post I was getting on quite a negative slope. Good luck, good gains, stay safe.


Thanks for the mention of the PC exercises. I stopped them a long time ago and probably did not take notice of their worth when everything was going fine. But in a few days, I can definitely feel the changes.

Circulation is great and even the flaccid length gets better. I have been trying to lay off anything sexual, but erections definitely feel stronger. I extremely undervalued kegels, and now I realize they are definitely one of the best parts about any PE program.

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