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In serious need of girth

In serious need of girth

I have been reading this forum for quite some time now. Listening and collecting the input people had to say. I have been trying many techniques to help myself achieve the goals I want. Basically I have a long skinny dick. It started at about 6.5 BPEL and 4.5 EG.

After reading and getting lots of ideas and devices I started to work on my routines. It has been 3 months now and I am at 7.3 BPEL but the girth is still stuck at 4.5. My whole goal was to work on girth in the first place and it seems the longer it gets the worse off it looks.

I have been using the Power Jelq, PeniMaster and recently purchased a pump. I try to incorporate

all these things into my work outs, but nothing seems to be working for girth.

I was just curious if anyone had a solid, girth only routine, that can make a good difference. Any ideas or information would truly be appreciated.


I used the Power Jelq when I first started PE and recieved similar results to yours. I gained length, but no girth. 9 wasted months, but not a complete waste.

Anyway…read up on horse squeezes and Uli squeezes. That oughta do the trick (hopefully). Also, put down the PJ for a while and start jelqing by hand right away. Do it now!! You’ll feel the difference, trust me.

Becoming.... Godsize

LC, I would definitely suggest using the pump along with your jelqing… if you bought a decent one. The cheapies, with the ball pump, probably won’t get you anywhere.

Definitely give a read over at the Pumpers forum about proper techniques and also about wrapping your penis when pumping.

I intend to post a message of my own over there talking about the hot wrap that I’ve been using in conjunction with my own pumping, and I can tell you that it makes a HUGE difference in the appearance as well as in comfort.

I’ve had great gains in girth from the combination and I see no reason why you shouldn’t either. Just keep it up and don’t get discouraged… but, don’t get anxious and over-do it either.

Best of luck,


Originally - Not Bad Flaccid 5.5" x 4.5" Erect 7.75" x 5" 4 Years of PE Later - Much Better Flaccid 7" x 6" Erect 8.5" x 6.5" Pumped 9" x 7.5" (or more) Goal - Big as a roll of cookie dough! __________________ Sure, I'm no John Holmes... but I'm drinking milk!

Originally posted by Prickle
Also, put down the PJ for a while and start jelqing by hand right away. Do it now!! You'll feel the difference, trust me.

Try dry jelquing at about 75% erect. That gave me 1/4 inch of girth in my first month.

Starting: 5 BPEL x 4.5 EG on 4/19/03

Latest: 6 BPEL x 5 EG on 2/17/04

Goal: 7 BPEL x 6 EG

Yeah I have been doing more of a wet jelq in the shower lately. I think it makes a bigger difference than the device. Maybe I should switch to doing that a majority of the time. Also on the 440’s and Uli’s, I have started to use those. How many of the 440’s do you think a beginner should be starting with and for how long?

Thanks for replying btw


The tunica has a stretch length and width limit. You may very well be at that limit if you have tried all these things.
First of all, there is nothing here that says doing as many squeezes and ulis will put you past your tunica stretch limit.
There are guys here who have been on a girth plateau for so long and they have still continued to do squeezes and
ulis which helped them get to their maximum tunica stretch size but afterward it was with little results, if there was a somewhat of a linear relationship between these two , girth and girth pe, some of these people would have been at 6 in. girth by now, but they aren’t.

Anyway , just my thoughts,

— J


A word of caution: I would not pursue girth until you are at the length goal you have. I am about 7.24 x 6.24 or so - about 1.74” wider around than you, but shorter actually. I want length, length, length - but my thickness has impeded that quest. Just like RWG - his cock is like a soda can around, but he’s been having a lot of trouble gaining even 3/4” length.

Go for all the length you want first, then switch to girth.

But try this:

1) Train girth every other day (or, at most, 2-on-1-off).

2) Concentrate on slow, forceful dry jelqs at least 75-90% erect

3) Once you’ve become too erect, go to holds….kegel for all you’re worth, then clamp off the base & hold for 1 minute. Shake the penis loose for at least 15-30 seconds, repeat - begin with at least 3-4 sets of these.

4) After you’ve become more experienced, go to erect bends - very cautiously. But I wouldn’t recommend doing them at 100% however.

Best of luck to you.

Is that true? Even at that low of a size you think I would be limited? I do have skin that can be stretch out, but if you are talking about another muscle then maybe. I have no problems with length gains and I could probably get more if I was trying to concentrate on girth.

I will try to do that stuff. I was reading up on the Uli’s and think I have been doing them wrong also the 440s. I have not been keeping it as tight as possible to not let bloodlfow out. I have been doing them tight, but not that tight I don’t think. As for bends….. My dick gets so hard when it’s hard, I am afraid of breaking it. I really do want to avoid those :)

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