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>I have never felt stroking the penis from base to head or head to base we’re effective<


>Without a lot of words, I have analogized the wet jelq to lubricating a screw driver handle when you want to tighten down some screws—-not good<

Huh? You lubricate skin to facilitate movement without chaffing.

>I prefer the dry heat and after a long hang the vibrations are exemplary for restoring color and comfort.<

Your penis isn’t that likely to thank you.

I don’t like advertising gains for some reason. In another post I mentioned my gains but I am not big into measuring a lot: I started at (6 x 4.75) 30months ago, 2 months ago I hit what I never would have conceived of back than, I am at (8+ x 6+). When I started out my goal was 7 x 6, I always remembered in Penthouse magazine, Xavier Hollander (a columnist) once said about size, “You will be in heaven if you latch on to a guy with seven.”

Why don’t you put up a progress thread with your routine in it?

<Why don’t you put up a progress thread with your routine in it?>


Originally Posted by stevie31

The PE standards we have at Thunder’s Place have been developed out of the time-tested experience from a lot of members before Tomba. It would be more harmful than good if we didn’t inform the members that his views are not what is commonly expressed here.

Good point. I do think that’s coming across. :) I suspect that it’s easy, after you’ve been doing this a while, to sometimes forget how easy it is to get injured as a newbie, especially if you were lucky & weren’t injured yourself.


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