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I'm bigger finally

I'm bigger finally

Finally I gain a little girth

What a ride to get there wow! Took me one year of hard work trying to understand my unit.
Got injured along the way, lost erection for a while and got scared as hell.

Took a break and then restart with a new attitude of less is more. Bought myself a brand new
Tape measure and took what I call my new stats. With surprise I gain a little in girth.

So now I am really close of 5.5 erect girth in mid and 5.3 at base the head is at 5.2
So overall I gain everywhere. Now my new and final objective is 5.8 mid and would love 5.5 head and base.

It’s funny when you think about it, To be really happy with my unit I need 10 mm or 1 cm do you think
A girl would notice so little??

My routine is jelqing and very light stretching period.
2-3 on 1 off

I’m happy!


Goal: done, in peace with what I have

Less is more.

Good one UK. Let’s hope the gains continue. But of course- Don’t overdo it again!

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How long did it take you to get this gain? How many jelqs per session do you do or how many minutes?

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The search NO longer continues. :)

Congrats. I have struggled like crazy to gain girth as well and it really starts to get to you.

Then: 5.63"x4.25" ---> Now: 6.50"x4.44"

Hi spaghettidick.

I can’t tell you when I gain because I was more focus on not getting injured again.
But one member wrote in is signature jelq it like it was an egg or something like that ..

So that’s what I did for the last month or so. My routine is warm up then 50 very light jelq palm down
Then 25-30 palm up. Would say 70% erect. Warm down and after I always massage and get my erection
Level as high as possible then kegel. I go 2-3 days in 1 off (if I need to masturbate it’s in day off).

Goal: done, in peace with what I have

Less is more.

Congrats on the gains, hard work and dedication pay off.

ukelberry, this is a very interesting routine cause I had no gains until I went with a slightly more than masturbatory grip…only doing 50-100 reps a day. I saw gains in a couple weeks. Would you care to explain your warm up, amount of sets/reps, and warm down. Thanks.


I think I gained a little bit of girth, too. But just a tiny little bit. I was 4.4”, now I’m 4.5”. It’s funny how just a little bit like that makes you feel better. I guess it shows you that you’re going somewhere.

:monty: Don\'t forget your KEGELS! :monty:

Awesome! Congrats on the results and the dedication! I’m looking for a little girth myself.

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Hi Kevin12.

Like I said before I am only doing very light jelqing and little stretching. My warm up is only hot wrap for a good 5 min. Then I make sure my unit
Is ready to take the stress. I normally go to fully erect then I let it go down to 70% and then I start jelqing. After 50-60 jelq palm down
I do 25-35 jelq palm up. Once I am done with jelqing I take 2 min to massage my unit with care. Then 8-10 min stretching very lightly just to say I can feel it.
I slowly graduate and that’s it. After again a good massage (specially at the base) and then I try to get as erect as possible and kegel until soft again. Then 5-10 min
Hot wrap.

That’s it for me and I don’t intend of changing anything. Took me one year to figure it out so.. I maybe only gone go longer but never higher in intensity.
Mine is not a tough one so I will go easy on him.

Goal: done, in peace with what I have

Less is more.

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