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Im a little nervous


Im a little nervous

hey guys… I’m a little nervous.. i’ve not had sex for 4 months, cause i’ve had a depression which i have been treated for with meds..! Well now i have to hot dates this weekend, and i know for sure that they both will lead to sex..

But im insecure.. My last relationship me and my girlfriend just didnt hit it off in bed, and im unhappy with my unit and its shape.. has a big left curve..

and its 6 * 5 NBP

This one girl on saturday shes a real hot blond, bisexual and very experienced…

Must admit im a little nervous, and afraid to disappoint her, and screw things up..

The girl in friday, shes young and not so experienced, so im more secure with her.. but but, shes the first to go, sooo… Also im a little nervous here..

Thought this was the right place to ask for help, cause this is really something i CANT talk to my friends about…

Cincerelly N

Relax Nissen,

6.5 NBP is nothing to be nervous about. Just give them all you got (no pun intended) and things will work out for you. Good luck man, and give us an update on how things went next week.

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its not 6.5 its 6nbp… and 4,7 - 5,1 girth.. And its also the curve that is bothering me.. ):

but thanks for your support

They will love the curve!

6NPB is good man. I think I just surpassed that mark and my girl goes crazy in bed.

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Originally Posted by Nissen
its not 6.5 its 6nbp… and 4,7 - 5,1 girth.. And its also the curve that is bothering me.. ):
but thanks for your support

Hey Man, that curve gives you an advantage over us straight dicked guys. You’ll give them a feel they may not have had before. I think you may be stressing to much about this. Don’t worry about anything. Just let things happen. You’re putting undo pressure on yourself to perform. That’s normally the kiss of death. So, just go in to it with an open mind and be the guy it took to get those dates. You had to have a lot of self confidence to even land them. Don’t even think about the aspect of the sex. If it happens, it happens.

Dude 6x5 is fine!
Don’t worry, just have fun and everything will turn out ok.

I reckon a curved dick will cause more friction than a straight one, hell you should be bragging about it!

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Dont worry man! Your dick will do just fine. You will fuck them so hard that their pussy will hurt. You will be the man friday and saturday night!

Don’t worry Nissen. Just relax and think optimistically. Try not to worry so much about what she’s going to think about you. She’ll sense that hesitation and lack of self-confidence. Just go in with your head up and give it all you got, and if she’s as experienced as she says, she’ll work with you and make it a great time for you and you’ll in turn learn. Don’t worry about your size either, you got a decent size now just use it with force (friction, friction, friction!). If it makes you feel better, I’m about 5 NBP.

Don’t worry it will be fine. If you want to give your sex techinques an update read some threads in the life, love and fantasies section.

Dude, it’s the experienced one you shouldn’t be worried about. She’s had lots of dicks which I’m willing to bet some bigger and some smaller. I’m also willing to bet she had guys who took care of business and guys who turned into Forest Gump when they touched her boobs. Trust me, she’ll know what to do with a 6 x 5 to make her happy. Just relax and enjoy.

It’s a crap shoot with the inexperience one. Maybe the guy or two before her had huge cocks and she thinks that is normal! I used to think inexperienced girls were the way to go, but they are not. Most don’t have a clue about their sexuality and it’s entirely up to you to figure out what gets them off.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Hey, just send one of those chicks to my house, unload some of that stress to me, I’m here to help, brother. Or send both if you really need to get out of this.

Seriously, its no big deal, just go out and have fun and don’t think about sex.

wouw, thanks for all the answers.. actually im feeling MUCH better now… The weird thing is… a couple of years ago i wasnt insecure in bed and just fucked like crazy.. but after my last relationship and my depression i’ve become SO insecure.. But the girls dont know, they think im confident, funny, goodlookin, tough you name it… but inside im just an anxious little kid!!! But I’ll just try to hit it the best i can, and enjoy the weekend with the girls..!

If the girl likes you enough to give her your pussy, then just be happy and fuck her.

Girls love dick. They don’t think in terms of length, width and curve. Your size is fine, and many girls think average is the perfect size!

And if you still have some of those anti depressent pills, take a couple before your date and fuck her all night long! She’ll remember that!

Horny Bastard

Thunders why? posted the wrong place?

mravg, LOL yeah im still eating those SSRI, and you are right, they make you last VERY long.. I’ll also do 40 mg cialis !

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