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I went limp this morning with the wife--overtraining?

I went limp this morning with the wife--overtraining?

Well, it finally happened to me this morning. Little wifey starts fooling around with me around early this morning and I only managed about a 60-70% hardness rating. It was the most lame lay I’ve had in a long time and I felt bad for Mrs. Raw Power with me not satisfying her. She said “don’t worry, we’ll get it next time” but I still felt bad.

I started thinking to myself, “self, your not getting those raging morning hardwoods like you used to when you first started PE and was just doing the newbie routine.” I did a really rough two sessions of PE yesterday with AM being three 90 second stretches followed by 12 mins. wet jelq and 5 uli’s at the end. PM was three, 90 second stretches followed by 10-15 mins. of dry jelq with 5 uli squeezes at the end. Each squeeze was almost 60 seconds. I was able to get my erection up for the PE but after I was done, I felt a dull ache in my meat for the rest of the night. My flaccid was lame as well—around 3 inches, which is well below my usual 4”-4.25”

I am re-thinking this 2 times per day thing only because I tend to over-do it. I get caught up in thinking, “well, just a couple more uli squeezes will really get it going” when, really, I should stick with the routine. As far as PI’s go, it seems that I had a good flaccid and regular morning hardwoods back when I was just doing a routine of AM 15 min. jelqs and PM stretching in the shower. I’ve tried the twice per day routine for 3 weeks now and am questioning whether or not it’s really the best thing for me—because of my inability to stick with the plan!! My plan was to do 10-15 mins. of stretch/jelq/uli—once in the AM and once in the PM. This morning my dong still has the dull ache feeling and just feels flat and deflated. Help.

Sounds like it’s tired to me. Give it the day off.

Cut back on your intensity levels. The ache is your signal to cut back and the damage is directly related to erection loss.

Hi Mr Raw.

I had similar problems, and backed off intensity and insanity. You’ll be okay. Mr Winkie has to get used to all the workouts, and you have determine whats right (as far as reps and time) for you.

You’ll be all right, make us proud.

cead mile failte :lep:

Raw Power, I know that I overdid it a few times when I first started a few months ago. It’s just so tempting. Most of us have waited a long time to find a place like Thunders so when we do, we just go nuts and try to make up for a few years of penis size anxiety.I was just reading several threads this morning that pretty well indicate that a lot of guys did the same thing. “Hey, we’re American Men,ten more strokes will be good!” Anyway, after you have to explain a big purple bruise on your dick, or when you can’t get it up, you start to figure it out. I had to hear the experts tell me more than once, stick to the newbie routine, listen to your body.etc. Good luck to you.

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raw power,

Take a rest from PE for at least 3 days. What you can do is to do some edging to build the juices back up again (no climaxing). You’ll get back to the norm very soon. Maybe one PE session per day is sufficient. All your physical indicators say you’re doing too much.


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Originally Posted by raw power
I was able to get my erection up for the PE but after I was done, I felt a dull ache in my meat for the rest of the night. My flaccid was lame as well—around 3 inches, which is well below my usual 4”-4.25”

I am re-thinking this 2 times per day thing…

Good idea to re-think that.

Here’s a tip that might help:
If you can’t finish off a PE session with a good erection, odds are good that you have overdone some aspect of that session. This (PE) should ideally leave you invigorated, not sapped.

If you can’t finish with an erection, take a look at every aspect of your routine. If you can finish with an erection, you haven’t worn your cock out.



Look at your diet, as well. I had a problem like that and I cut back on my caffiene intake and lo and behold, within 2 days, I’m back to 100% effectiveness. I knew it wasn’t overtraining, though, ‘cause I only exercise 3 days a week.

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I’ve definitely had an overtraining problem. Sometimes it’s hard to resist just doing one more O-bend or another 100 jelqs. At the time, it seemed all right but I didn’t get morning wood the next day and not much pump.

Diet definitely seems important. After eating greens and real (not dorm) food, there is a much better pump the next morning.

Diet, stress levels, age, etc., all play important parts….

(I thought it was over-training, turned out to be over-wifeing….)

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God


Is there such a thing? Surely using the tool has to supercede training.

At least that’s what Mrs. Cajun says….

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God


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