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I want upward curve!!!!!


I got a little upward curve using my original ‘noose’ hanger. I also nearly lost my dick one time with that f*&ker.

I have started bending my penis upwards when erect
Hopefully I will have a banana penis in few month.curved cocks look so proud!

Any more tips?

To get a curve and to get rid of one requires jelqing with the curve or against it (respectively).

I haven’t done the exercise to see the results yet, but will give it a try. My upward curve is not extreme but makes my dick look shorter than it is, which is rather annoying. However I’m not planning on getting rid of it completely. I have noticed that in 90-degree missionary my curve is just what my girl needs, as it intensively rubs the g-spot and the upper wall. That’s what you need to give her some really wet orgasms. ;D

Anyways, good luck with jelqing, everyone. Lets see if that stuff works.

So I would need to jelq with my palms down right?


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