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I want to start hanging but..

I want to start hanging but..

I want to start hanging but I’m a college kid with no money to buy one, they’re wayy too expensive. I tried following the instructions to make one but I’m dyslexic and simply can’t understand what to do. Is there anywhere else to buy a cheaper version? Or if someone can make one for me and I’d pay what I can? Any ideas??


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Selecting or making a hanger is only a minor part of the knowledge required to hang effectively. If you can’t understand and follow relatively clear instructions for making a hanger, you will surely have even more trouble with the intricacies of using one effectively and relatively safely. So, I advise you to stay away from hanging.

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I am not dyslexic and all of the, “build your own” directions gave me headaches. The Wench requires no tools and struck me as perhaps the easiest to build as well as being very cheep. If you have a digital camera and attempt to build one you could post pictures of exactly what you have done with all your supplies laid out on the table so the guys can help. If you are making the attempt the guys here will bend over backwards to help, they really will.

The Captn’s Wench: PE Device
The first post is simply the Captn talking about the hanger. Posts 2 and 3 are how to build it.

- http://tom-hubbard.thundersplace.or…es.html#swimcap Is how I started hanging. It has pictures which helped me a lot.

You might want to give it a shot just to see if you like hanging. It is not the most comfortable but is very easy to do. I never did the, “wrap the swim cap around a pipe then put it on your penis like a condom.”, thing either. I pre-wrapped my self with a chunk of T-shirt and taped the edge of the swim cap to that, then wrapped the swim cap as tight as I could.

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thanks! The Captains Wench looks doable. I’ll try it out and see what’s up.

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