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I slacked off

I slacked off

So, for the first 5 months of PE’ing I was doing just fine. I had some minimal gains and was happy with my progress. My sex life with my wife was also far better than it had ever been and we seemed closer than we had before I found out about PE. I had also given up smoking the weed which was a big change to me personally as it makes me lazy and my sex drive goes down considerably when I am smoking.

Then In February my wife (along with her parents) took our two children across the pond to the states for a holiday to disneyworld. Unfortunately I couldn’t go as we just couldn’t afford it, so it was decided that she would go so the kids didn’t miss out.

So the first week they were away I decided to take a week off from PE as I hadn’t really taken any time off apart from when I forced to through injury. While she was away I made the silly mistake of having a few joints. The few joints turned into a few more and a few more and so on. I was smoking again and before I new it I was back in the swing of things smoking everyday and night. Before I new it I hadn’t done PE for 6 weeks. I slacked off.

I did post 1 message a couple of weeks ago and thought that I’d just carry on as if I hadn’t taken any time off. I am quite embarrassed that I even thought about lying and apologise to anyone who has ever taken the time to answer my questions.

I am off the weed again now and have been doing my PE routine for the last 2 weeks and I will not allow myself to slack off again.

Dont let this happen to you.

thanks for reading

Now I know why they call it the evil weed!

It is very big of you to be so honest. You may not have gained during this time period but your status in my eyes has grown considerably.

That’s interesting about weed lowering your sex drive. Though I haven’t tapped the whacky tobaccy in many years, back when I did it was the most powerful aphrodisiac I have ever known.
I’ll never forget those many afternoons skipping out of class with Donna Angelenti and heading off to her house, token a bone, blasting Van Halen, and banging like animals until her mom and dad were due home.
Oh, da joys of yute!

Get your ass back to work Murph.


If I am not mistaken weed lowers your testosterone, or raises your estrogen, one of the two.

It is always harder to be honest than to lie.

Get your ass back to work murph.

what a missed oppotunity to PE in peace ?

Weed can make yer horny imo but after a while it does the oppisite.

Best motivation is to visualise exactly why your bothering and why this is so important to you :)

I have all the peace I need to PE as I told my wife quite a while ago. Regarding the weed, it used to make me horny when I used to smoke it casually and sensibly (a long time ago) but It just got way out of hand and did exactly the opposite as you have pointed out.

Yes it is evil in my eyes because I’m not able to control it.

I think the reason that it doesn’t make me horny anymore is that I have abused the use of it and it changes my outlook on life in general. My opinion of myself deteriorates and I think to myself that I am useless at everything that I do, sex included and I convince myself that my wife is not satisfied no matter what she says. After a few weeks off it though my head seems clearer and my confidence is restored in myself, as did the last time I packed it in. I just have to keep off it.

Yes, get my ass back to work.

Thanks guys

I smoke marijuana, I feel that if used with respect and without the intent of abusing the substance it is an enchanting plant.

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