I need some help

I was manually stretching targeting my septum for 3 months and It’s just too dam hard. After a really good warm up I can see my penis stretch almost a half inch while stretching. I can make it that pliable. My hands just get too tired to do any long stretch sessions. I happen to be a strong mo fo too. Since I stopped drugs I ballooned up to 350 pounds on a 6 foot frame. My fat pad is 3.5 inches thick which doesn’t give a whole lot of penis to wrap and hang with my bib hanger. So my questions are:

Would pumping help me stretch out my septum, or do you think that maybe the septum is just to dam tight and tough for a pump?

Would wrapping without pulling the skin back have any drawbacks making it not worth doing?

Before anyone replies with the diet and exercise stuff, I already know.

Thank you