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I need some help guys.


some additional thoughts:

in addition to the physical stresses imposed on the penis I beleive the psychological stresses are another big factor to deal with.

I consider PE a sexually stimulating activity that does not usually include orgasm. Testosterone builds up to very high levels allowing more pe activity to produce more strength and size.

Sometimes I get too stressed out and am looking into zen type meditation and deep breathing excercies to lower the stress level. Some of this is caused by the supplements that I use such as tribestan and yohimbe but they are very good for increasing blood flow into the penis and I plan to continue using them for a while.

My gains are less than some guys here but I am basically satisfied with what I have achieved. You may reach your goal faster than you plan, so don’t get discouraged and do read the threads here. There’s a lot to learn.

Are you still with that girl you picked on your show?

Becoming.... Godsize


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