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I measured! got more gains!


Originally Posted by Uncas
I’m still young(21) living at home with my parents and having no mony ;)

With one word a student.

No… you’re living at home with a BIG dick!

What you believe means nothing.

How you love means everything!

Consider yourself to be in my favourite thread section. Good job there Uncas!

PEace, Love and Sex


Gone cementing - Started (2005): 7.25 NBPEL 5.7 EGMS. 5 years later (2010): 8.25 NBPEL 6.3 EGMS. 8 years later, 3 years with no PE (2013): 8.1 NBPEL 5.9 EGMS


Wow congrats mate, inspiring me to go for 9!

23 Years Old

Current: 6.4 NBPEL 5.2 EG 4.2 NBPFL 4.5 FG

Goal: 8.5 NBPEL 6.5-7 EG 6.0 NBPFL 5.5 FG

Grats Uncas. Would love to see some pics if you could find a way. Good luck on any further PEing you do.


Respect Bruv! Respect Bruv! Where all going to get there one day!

Man I just measured up and my flaccid length and girth is what it used to be when I was erect before PE’ing!

Flaccid now I’m 6x5 [I used to be this size when I was erect about 4 years ago] - Well I used to be 4.5 in girth.

and now erect I’m 7.7x5.6

and I just finished jacking off a little while ago! - It must be the masturbation experiment.

I know I don’t seem to grow from flaccid to erect very much, but then again I should measure my flaccid dick again when I’m really, really, really flaccid.


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