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I just realized that this stuff actually works!


Metal Ed, regarding your bottle stretch.

Is your penis wrapped around the underside of the bottle whereby your head is now facing up?

Also, when you say you grab just below the base of your penis, are you, with your other hand holding your glans so it stays in contact with the underside of the bottle?

Do you pull down, or rotate (spin) the bottle towards you, in effect causing your penis to follow the bottles’ motion, thereby stretching your penis in such a fashion?

Geez, a lot of questions, eh! Right now my brain is panscrambled, too much school information overload floating around!

I am building a Canadian Maple for the lovely!

Oops! Did I say that I grab the base of the penis? I meant to say that I grab just under the head of the penis.

Yes, I push down on the bottle with the other hand while pulling up from just below the head of the penis. This intensifies the stretch. If you were standing at my side, my penis would be in a U-shape as it is stretched across the bottle. Does that help with the visualization?

I don’t spin the bottle.

Thanks for the clarification there Metal Ed! This sounds promising as a tunica stretch technique. I am going to insert this technique into my stretch routine. Thanks for sharing a technique.

And by the way, I’ll bet that you have played spin the bottle, eh?

We (friends) played it with a variation. Instead of spinning the bottle, we just left the bottle alone in the middle, and we spun ourselves instead! :eek: This is what happens when the consumption levels of a high quality beer(s) became exceedingly high! It sure made for some interesting, ah, moments! :D

I am building a Canadian Maple for the lovely!


Thanks for the encouragement!


I actually read about the bottle stretch in the archives on this board…. though I believe the person in question used a Coke can instead of a bottle. I found that an empty Coke can kept getting crinkled and became uncomfortable on my penis, so I switched to a solid plastic bottle (an old Vitamin C container) that wouldn’t crinkle.

I really can’t take any credit for having innovated the technique. So, I’m not calling this one the “Metal Ed bottle stretch” :)


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