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I just ordered a vacextender


I just ordered a vacextender

What are the chances of my parents finding out that I just ordered a penis enlarger when It arrives?


I’m just guessing; but without further information, I’d say about 50/50.

No way unless they open it. The return address/name is non descript. Comes in a basic postal cardboard box, which is also non descript.

If they ask tell them it is whatever you want to tell them xmas gift. Everyone shops online for xmas.

Unless they open it or type in the companys name in google or something which comes up as LEAM partner. Other than that theres nothing that says it’s for penis enlargement

Nbpel - 6.5" Bpel 7.25" Eg 5.125"

If they somehow manage to steal a look, tell them it’s pornography,drugs, penis pills, or if they see the actual device, it’s a bong. The more outrageous the better. It works like a charm with mine. If they press a little further say it’s vitamins or some kind of Dr. Scholl’s device? Just be over the top first, then be serious. Usually this formula will disarm them and they’ll lose interest.

Originally Posted by metallica
What are the chances of my parents finding out that I just ordered a penis enlarger when It arrives?


It’s comes in a big penis shaped box with bells and whistles on it with a sign that flashes neon “Add 5 inches to your PENIS in just 5 minutes a day”

Unless you have a really nosy mom and your underage I can’t imagine they open it:)

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Right, thanks for that.. Just a bit paranoid you see :)

Hopefully get some good gains with it.


Originally Posted by baywatch
No way unless they open it. The return address/name is non descript. Comes in a basic postal cardboard box, which is also non descript.

If they ask tell them it is whatever you want to tell them xmas gift. Everyone shops online for xmas.

I agree. I just received my shipment last week, and it comes in a US postal service square cardboard box, kinda like a pizza box. There is no indication of it being a monster cock brewer inside. Even if they open it, at first glance they might not recognize it as a dick grower, since there are no instructions/writing inside. If they ask, just say its for strengthening your wrist/fingers or something.

Even if they find out what it is, just sit down with your dad, tell him you got all your genes from him, so its his fault that your cock aint massive, and that he should support you since you are actively seeking to rectify it, which is something he couldn’t do for himself in the past. If he’s cool, then he’ll understand.

By the way, I received mine last week, and the thing is truly amazing. I had no idea that something could grab the head of my penis so firmly and painlessly. Be careful, though. I got carried away the second time I used it and put so much tension on it that I ended up with a small bubble on my glans, which turned into a blood blister a day later. Don’t overdo it.

Also, be careful with the skin colored silicone sleeves. Both of mine have developed tears on one end. One of mine (the one that is thinner and open on both ends) appeared to have a slight tear in it the first time I used it, and it got worse when I rolled it off. I only got one use out of it. The other one (the one that is closed on one end) developed a tear after a couple of uses, but I’ve been careful to squeeze the tear together when I put it on or take it off so it doesn’t get worse. I don’t see it lasting much longer, though. The blue ones seem to be much tougher.

One last thing… The ring that comes with the VacExtender to use when using it around the waist hurt like hell. I modified mine to use a golf weight instead of the ring, and it is awesome. I’m going to post a thread about how I made my mod, along with some pics when I get the time.

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Yes, that's a gain of 1.8 inches. And no... That's not my real picture.

Hi sam,

Regarding the sleeves, I have no trouble with the blue pipe sleeves, the one I started using (you get 3 in the package) had a small hole in it, but the hole never got bigger when i stretched it to use it regularly.

Howerver I am a bit worried about the glans constriction sleeve, since that is the expensive one (you only get 1) and arguably the most crucial part of the device. I noticed a small tear would develop at the end where you flip it (the cut end), and this tear would obviously be under stress each time you flip the sleeve for usage. I been monitoring it closely, and it doesn’t seem to be getting larger, so hopefully is safe for now.

Did you mark off and cut the con sleeve according to the instructions? I initially started using it before cutting it, and a tear developed. Later on, I cut it according to the instructions (the old tear is cut away along with the excess length) , and another tear developed at the cut end after several uses.

I personally feel that the package should have come with more than just 1 constriction sleeve, since it is made of a very soft rubber, and repeated usage will probably enlarge the tear regardless of how careful we are with it.

Let me know what you think.

I didn’t bother using the waist ADS, coz its too uncomfortable (string is too tight around waist) and ineffective if I use the self-knot style (I am too scared to use the ring style). But the down-the-leg ADS is working fabulously for me. I can comfortably use it for 6+ hours every day.

I was just wondering, with the package will their be anything stating the amount spent?


Get out of you Mom’s house, and then it is none of her business. Until then, if she finds it. I think its too funny. :) Keep us informed on her reactions!

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Flaccid 5+ inches on a good day. 4 1/2+ pretty much anytime. My gains have slowed to a snails pace, but I will not quit!!!!!!!

Well if she finds it, she might keep it and give it to ur dad for xmas gift. Its something she can benefit from too.

@metallica: yes, monkeybar will put a value for the item as part of the customs declaration. But he will put some small amount, like for mine, he put $18. For domestic packages, maybe a value is not required to be put down.

I dont think it’d be funny if they found out, i’d probably be forced to hang myself. :P

Bigmac, Do I need to send an email to ask for them to put a small amount on or will this be done anyway?

I see your location is in England, so I assume you will be having this sent to you via international parcel. If thats the case, monkeybar will need to put somesort of “value of item” as part of the declaration. I never asked him to put a small amount on mine, I think he did it out of common sense as to help customers avoid being charged import tax for expensive items.

I believe he will do the same for you (and everybody else) automatically, but you can always email him and double check, though I heard he gets alotta emails and can be slow to respond. Make sure you check your spam/junk email box, coz he said his domain often gets caught in the isp mail filter programs.


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