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I hit 9" after one and a half years


9” girth makes mine look like a hamster dick… A need a mod to pull my pics off! Well, I guess it’s not impossible… Anyone remember lvnlarge? He boasted a 9” girth and actually posted some pics of it… 11 x 9 if I remember correctly… He had some help with injections and one year of extreme pumping for an hour in the am and pm… As far as natural growth from PE without the aid of a doctor I think DLD has this one in the bag… Spain? LMFAO


right on, Bro. !!

12x9….until I see a pic….


Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

lol, Uncut. Anyone who actually DID have a 12X9 inch dick would know that they didn’t need more, almost no guy or girl could even come close to accomodating that.

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Maybe he does…I think we should give him the time to prove himself…If he is there is much we could learn from him.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple


Anyone posts a legitimate 9 inch non-pumped girth shot, one of two things is going to happen.


I will commit suicide (kidding).


I will quit my job and became a full time PE junkie.(thinking hard).

I’m betting against it.

Non pumped I’d say 7.5” is an all time max. Pumped or other wised enhanced all bets are off.


Lets not forget the orginal point of this thread and thats the fact that a hard working PE’er has reached a goal! Congrats mlolongo!

I hope to get where you are one day!


I’m going to miss that job.

L12X9 post your picture over in the members forum.


Well, OK guys what is the verdict?

Ledzep, does your job entail using photoshop? If it does you won’t need to quite. You can work and get a 15X10 incher all at the same time. Look forward to seeing a pic of your new monsta cock in the next few days.

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Is that real?? Not saying it is or it isn’t post some more angles and such. The rest of the picture seems clear but your shlong is blurred at places. If its real…. damn. PE on that thing would be ridiculous its almost as big as your leg!

I split/moved the pic to Member Pics. DLD and I may have stepped on each other as he was editing it at the same time.

the people on this site

what a bunch of narrow minded Wankers

lol 12x9, if we are narrow minded wankers, than explain to us why you had to lie to people about the size of your penis, then post a fake picture?

Someone has got some issues…..

Post some more angles and such and then maybe we will believe you…I highly doubt that though

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