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Originally Posted by Mick
I had a funny experience in a strip club.

I was getting a pretty good lap dance and I had a pretty big boner going down the side of my leg.. She feels it and goes “oh my god.. What are you African?”.. Then continued to say it was like ten inches, lol. I think girls always misjudge length.. Or a lot at least.

You can only expect that remark at a strip club.
The same thing happend to me one time. I was only about 5 1/2” NBP then, before PE. I had a woody in tight pants during a lap dance, and she says “You have a big dick.” I just sort of laughed. I knew it was bullshit because 1. I don’t have a big dick, and 2. She is a stripper. She gets paid to say shit like that.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Mr. killah has left the building.

Thank god!

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