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I could use a mentor

I could use a mentor

I’m on the verge of just giving up on PE together. I’ve been off and on for like 3 years with zero results, and I’m attributing that to mostly inconsistency and overtraining, as well as the opinion that I’m just a hard gainer.

Before thunders, I thought my size was normal. Then I found out my girth was .5”-1” below average, and everytime I see someone’s pic with a starting size that much larger, I’m crushed. In the time I’ve done PE, I’ve actually shrunk (see thread on it), basically losing .2” on length and almost an inch off my already pathetic girth. I would attribute that to uncemented gains, except that those were my starting stats. I have a lot of stress and some emotional issues going on right which may be affecting it, but whether they’re the cause of my size or the effect of it I do not know. I can also safely say that at this point I’m against getting with anyone at this point, as I have zero confidence and if I do actually get to the point of sex, I don’t want to fall short. Knowing that there’s a large amount of people out there with 5.5” + girths (which by the way appears as a MASSIVE difference in real life compared to a 3.5”-4” girth), I dont’ want to even subject myself to that.

So this is one last appeal for some help I guess. I don’t really want to give up, but I’m so frustrated that I don’t know I can do it much longer. I could use length (~6.8” npbel right now), but I just really want girth.

Sorry for the depressing rant, this place is all I’ve got.

Hi kaiwas

Trust me, this is important statement:
You are NOT a pessimist (or a give in person) in the core of your being; so you can manage this, Kaiowas!!

The emotional issues has (apparently) affected you from the beginning, and maybe still are at this present moment, BUT if you are aware of them and your goals/motivations are clear you can surly achieve them. You will may need some more persistence when you now start on a new journey..

Stress that is manifesting in everyday life over a longer period of time can affect hormonal balance among others cortisol and testosterone.this may affect gaining concerned with PE, but do not go around now and constantly thinking that you have to stop stressing, it will make it worse.

About PE routine:
1. Think of your new routine as a test: ex:”I’m gonna do my routine every day no mater what and after a month or two then I will measure”(1)
2. Start with smaller routine:stretching 2 times 9directions hold for 45 sec. This takes ca 20-30 min depending if you get an erection that has to come down.

If you want you can send me a pm:) I will try to help you as much as I can.(other peers will surly support you as well)

(1) there still may be some exceptions like; if you have the flu, have to do something else that is of great importance: have to evaluate

STARTING: BPEL: 5.7 G: 4.65, NOW: BPEL: 7.48 G: 5.7 GOAL L:8.7 G:6.3 (old goal; L:8.0 G: 6.0)


Disclaimer:The advices that I give of any sort are just stated on general laymen's knowledge.

Thanks Ares…I’ll prolly send you a PM momentarily…

That makes sense, I have been stressed out over a pretty prolonged period now.

I’m definitely going to start small, I think I’ve escalated too quickly everytime. The post originated by MrOrange involving 10-20% slinky-type things sound pretty effective.

Before Thunder gets to me, I meant probably :)

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