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i apologize...

i apologize...

im under the same handle at ez board and somehow i am banned? i only had 3 posts? Can anyone tell me the reason why? Also a good friend of mine Monstar is banned from here and also ez board, he sends out his sincere apologies and would like to come back to post here and ez board. Thank you

Hey newbie101,

I don’t know why or if you are banned on EZ Board, but you are wasting your time pleading for Monstar in this forum, you and anybody else for that matter. He is NOT going to be allowed to join here and I don’t think he will ever be allowed to post on PE Forums again either. He was given a chance to straighten out there once and he didn’t take advantage of it. If I hear anything about why you were banned, if you were, I’ll post it here.

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Originally posted by ThunderSS
If I hear anything about why you were banned, if you were, I'll post it here.

thanks alot!

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