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How to Prevent Scrotum Burn when using an ADS

How to Prevent Scrotum Burn when using an ADS

Hey all,

I’ve been off PE for a few months and am trying to ease back into it.

The last few days I’ve been working on a few different suction head devices for ADS systems. Alas, they didn’t work too well. I went back to my trusty old one that I made a few months ago. I’ll post a detailed description of parts and how to make it as soon as I have it down pat.

The last few days I’ve had ZERO Scrotum burn and have been able to tolerate very high tensions.

Today I experienced scrotum burn within 25minutes. The difference? Yesterday I was a mountain man. Today I shaved.

If you don’t want scrotum burn, don’t shave your balls.

I’ll have to wait for the hair to grow back.

Update on progress:

Since I took the time off (not voluntarily) I have not diminished in size at all. No gains either. I hope that this deconditioning phase will pave to road to more quick gains, as it has before.

I do feel like my balls are smaller for some reason. Perhaps just cold. I never measured them before.

Again, to avoid scrotum burn, don’t shave. If anyone else has any suggestions, please post them here.

I’m sorry I can’t be of any help to you as I’ve never worn or even seen an ADS device. I just was lured in here because there were no replies after 29 views. I also thought the title was funny for some reason; I think it was the “Scrotum Burn” part. Anyways, best of luck someone getting to you on this, and the fact that you have one reply now hopefully gets other people to respond and help you. Best of luck gaining!


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