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How many of you have done this?

How many of you have done this?

Has anyone started PE with optimism and actually had some decent results just by working with the newbie routine only to somehow lose interest in PE then KICK yourself for not sticking with it once you’re months down the road? I’m in this boat… and it is a crappy boat I tell you!

Anyways.. I have two reasons for posting.

1) The minimal length gains I did manage to come by before flaking on my routine (in about 1.5 mo) stayed with me with no PE excluding regular lengthy masturbation and rather infrequent lengthy intercourse. Prior to any PE, I was certainly below (7 1/2 inches) 8 inches BPEL and I am currently just above the 8 inch mark as I was when I stopped PE. As a 22 year old, I doubt I can attribute that to natural growth. So I’m convinced that basic PE methods can and will work.

2) If anyone can relay some motivational methodologies for PE, I would appreciate it. I’m in no way comfortable with my penis size.. so it’s not a matter of just not caring. I think I have some kind of mental block that prevents me from doing things that will benefit me in the long run… or I have some kind of mental block when it comes to doing things that will prevent me from being able to be hard on myself. Haha… but these aren’t really issues for a PE board now are they?


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I’m sort of going through the same thing. I had started back up again when I turned 28 in April and said to my self “2 more years to complete my goals” Since I started PE though my curve has gotten worse due to improper application of the curve correcting technique. It has taken some of the wind outta me but I am getting more motivated. I recently finished a book on success principles so that helps.


The pain of self discipline is better than the pain of regret

I don’t know why you’re not happy with your size. You’re certainly well above average. At 22, you may lack the experience with women to really have a clear idea of whether more would be better. I suspect it would not be. Perhaps many women would appreciate some additional girth. On the other hand, they might prefer a dick that’s more easily suckable.

Is it possible that your lack of motivation for PE comes from the fact that your size is nearly ideal as it is? It ain’t broke. Why try to fix it?

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