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How long do you hold the Horse 440 squeeze?


secjay, chakaconcarne, dld, anyone?

Still hoping for some answers pretty please!


My understanding of this exercise is to get your tool pumped up with blood (say 90% or whatever) and then, and this is the dangerous and magical part: Bend your rod over on itself!

so you take the straight dick and bend it in a curve to make it look like a horse-shoe shape from the side, like a “U”

This might not be any better an explaination, but maybe something will click eh? :)
(Hopefully not your dick!!!)

Please be very careful with these things, if you do it with a full hardon the chances of physically snapping your dick in two is quite high….

I dont do these with a ‘proper’ erection…. I just pump up from flaccid with a torniquet and kegels…. no hardon pressure involved…

have fun experimenting and be careful!

Thanks secjay!

Yes, I think I’m beginning to get this. Haven’t tried it yet (I’m in a week break, maybe I’ll even take it longer), but now I get the point.

And after you bend it what do you do? Do you straighten it and bend it again a few times? How many? How long do you keep it bent each time?

And - how do you feel about that 1 week break you took, I know you probably can’t see any results just yet, but do you sense it had a positive effect?

Braker, great to hear that you are getting it! It’s a very powerful exercise that you shouldn’t be without if you’re looking for girth..

When you bend it, you should feel a great internal expansion feeling all through your tool, not just the point of bending.

(But I also think it is best to bend at several different points in several different directions, jsut incase you’re encouraging a severe curve in the long term)

Usually you don’t have to “straighten” it - when you let go it should pretty much go totally limp, that is, if the blood pressure didnt decrease while holding it, as it does for me :( I try to keep it bent for as long as I can before the blood pressure decreases to the point where Im not getting a good enough stretch anymore (Because my grip is probably less than ideal) but this is no more than 30 seconds I guess…

I guess it’d be difficult to do more than 50 of these in a single sitting - and if you did that many, you’d be pretty screwed up lemme tell ya!

About the week long break - I think it did wonders not only for my physical regeneration but also for my physcological angle on the whole PE bizz. I am seeing it less as something that I have to do, and more of something that I will just *do* and get there over time :) I also think my first workout after the break was really intense and gave me a real good worked out feeling :D

Thanks secjay,

I’m really happy to hear how you feel about that week long break. Today it’s been a week since my last workout and now I feel I should have done it before. Still haven’t decided when am I coming back to it, I might take even another week. But I feel that when I start again it will be like taking another step forward in PE.

Have you read the Doing PE on an irregular basis thread? I’m hoping to get more member’s input in there, I have a feeling this might be a really interesting concept to try, did you think about it?

Regarding the horse shoes, I think I understand what you mean, can’t wait to try them when I start PE again.

I think they should be talked about more over here, I read this thread about them in PE Forums.

My version: I get mostly erect. Squeeze off at base w/an overhand “ok” grip as tight as I can, pushing that hand as close to my pubic bone as I can. Then with the other hand, I grab the glans. Actually, it’s hard to describe but, I have my thumb around the side of the glans and my index and middle finger on opposite sides of the underside (Knuckles are facing away from me not off to the side). Then I squeeze with that hand and angle glans slightly toward me. I find this gives me more of an expanding feeling inside. I hold each squeeze for about 20 seconds. Then, after one of these, I will get back to mostly erect and with the one hand at the base perform another tight squeeze against the bone, and pull forward hard slightly again, holding the pulled/squeeze about 20 seconds. Only moves forward about 1/2” or so if youre doing it right. I alternate the one hand and two handed squeezes for the full 30-45 minutes.


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