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How I'm motivating myself lately.

How I'm motivating myself lately.

I dont care how any of you percieve this but, it’s working wonders for me lately! I was looking for a way to really motivate myself and help myself stay focused during my workouts. Well, last week I came up with an awesome idea. I ordered a “Sean Micheals dong” (Black porn star). It’s 10x7.25. 6.75 girth at the smallest area and 7.25 girth right behind the glans. THIS S.O.B. DID PE!! Had to have…I mean just looking at this thing…it’s got similar proportions to pictures of penises I’ve seen which have been enlarged through jelqing. That guy “Mr. R” from Big Al’s site comes to mind. Slightly smaller girth at or near the base with a taper getting thicker toward the glans. So, this for me has been my motivation. I dont want that length but, I’d love to have similar girth and having this three dimensional piece to look at really helps me personally focus on the end result. My last couple workouts have been very intense..some of my best. I equate it to if I were into bodybuilding…I’d most likely have pics on my walls of guys like Flex Wheeler, Arnold, Lee Priest, etc for inspiration. Besides…if my next girl is really kinky…LOL…I’ve already got “another man” for that D.P. action! “Yea baby I thought we’d try something new…..”



You are one funny son of a bitch,,,,,,,,,you can also stick it down your pants before you go out. I have to ask did you buy it from a store or the internet? The store would be really funny.


I ordered it online from I have been in a couple of adult stores one out in Palm Springs, Ca. and one here in Nashville…and yea I could NOT work in one of those places! I mean I think I’d get fired. I could just see myself….some hot ass woman would walk up to the cash register with a 18” double ended “jelly dong” and I’d say something silly like “so, will this be ALL for you today ma’am?” I dont have a problem with maturity or shopping in those stores….I just couldnt work in one. Or some customer would ask…”My boyfriend and I were wanting to try anal sex…do you think I should get the ‘Anal-Ease’ or the K-Y Jelly?” “oh, definitely the ‘Anal-Ease’…I’ve heard nothing but good things about that stuff.” I just couldnt say things like this without a smirk or a chuckle now and then.

Hello Still, long time…

LOL I did the same thing in the spring, because of two reasons;

I wanted to have a big dildo to try out on the girl I use to fuck, to see how she reacted with the big size I am shooting for.

I also wanted to see this big piece of rubber-dick for the same reason as you… lol.

The one I bought was a “realistic” blue “jelly/silicone” dildo with vibrator. 9”x6.6” or so. Don´t need all that length but sure would LOVE that girth.

BTW how is your gain these days?

I haven´t gained much the latest year but I think I´m in for a spurt now.

Also do you visit Reeces site anymore (I started out there you know)?



That’s hilarious…I may have to try that someday when I’m really lacking motivation…LOL! that’s a great idea though Still

"Building a weapon of mass destruction" Started: 5.81" x 3.88" Now: 8.5" x 5.0" Goal: 9" x 6"


Hey Still, How would you explain the dildo to a girl, I mean you meat a girl take her home and then she see’s the dildo then thinks mmmmmmmmmm ?


LOL how would ya explain it??? Comon man! Same way you’d explain a love swing or a zipper mask (not into the S&M stuff myself) “I’m a very sexual man and I think this might be fun.” Or something like that. Pan, I dont recall who exactly you are but, yea I started out on “Reece’s Pieces” site back in the day via a “backdoor link” that got me in free. I dont go there anymore….not much on the site that you cant find here…their message board is totally LAME…and you can get to their chat via our other FREE forum Their chat is the only thing I go to anymore. I’m telling ya guys…being able to see the size youre going for in front of you while youre working out is very motivating to me anyway.


LOL!! I wouldn’t mine having a love swing but after watching the movie’s 8mm and Hannibal the leather zipper S&M mask scares the shit out of me literally! LOL!!


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