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How Do You Motivate Yourself?


How Do You Motivate Yourself?

I know this is a fairly subjective question, but what kinds of things do you guys do to motivate yourselves? I mean I’m sure the majority of you have jobs and/or school and still do regular PE. I was doing so well during the summer, never missed a day. Then i got really sloppy once school started and I haven’t done any regular PE since October :( . I really need to get back into this, I was gaining great when I was doing it. So what do you use to motivate yourself on a regular basis?

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I think less in terms of ‘motivation’ and more in terms of discipline.

Once I learned what could be achieved with discipline, I started to apply it to other areas of my life.

When I come here and read some of the posts that are very enthusiastic, I get the urge to go and pe, plus just out of habit of doing this for many months now.

I mostly pump and manual stretch now, because I can do that while doing something else.

cead mile failte :lep:

I would think about the reactions I’d get when gettin’ naked. Or the moans I’d hear when having sex. Or the feeling of a bigger dick in my hands (Yes I said hands) when jerking off.

Ask yourself how bad you want a big dick. Do you want it more that watching TV, or playing computer games or any of the things you spend your time on. If you don’t schedule it, something else will come along and fill up every minute of every day. Ziggaman is right.. Discipline is key.

For me it is intertwined with the routine of brushing my teeth in the morning and taking a shower. Now it takes 30 min more, so what. I do it because I feel I need to do it, it pays off for me. It is very similar to setting up a training schedule and stick to it, no arguments and no questions. Just do it and experience the results in due time.

Watch a porno like Booty Talks. Look at their size and then look at yours. That’s motivation for me.

Manual exercises just feel too damn good . The “worked over” feeling is good afterwards as well . Plus , I just like to watch my S.O. ‘S eyes widen when I put it in her .

I never get that worked over feeling. What’s SO stand for?

Sorry , “Significant Other”.

Originally Posted by RackHunter
Manual exercises just feel too damn good . The “worked over” feeling is good afterwards as well . Plus , I just like to watch my S.O. ‘S eyes widen when I put it in her .

This is my motivation EXACTLY! I just love the look on MRS V’s face when we play “Hide the Weenie”.

I also like the way it hangs when I take a piss. Just like a big boy.

Cheers to you all. Do good things.


Originally Posted by RackHunter
Plus, I just like to watch my S.O. ‘S eyes widen when I put it in her.

Those eyes widening, the head tossing back, or the involuntary flinch (when it’s just a little too big) do wonders for my motivation…

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I just get it done plus I like having a big dick

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I’ve lost a lot of motivation now that a demented ex has me living in fear of seeing other women….

no pussy = no need for bigger dick


I don’t need motivation for the everyday exercises. Once I decided that I can live with doing these exercises 5 days a week, I simply do it. I f I decide to do something I always complete it.

However, if I would start to be satisfied with what I have and don’t see much gain for lots of effort, I would probably reevaluate my reasons and motivation for doing PE. For me it is actually very motivational to just see the good flaccid hung I get after exercises compared to the turtle dick I always had before.
That sex is better is of course also good, but I really think that that is more a mental effect than the bigger dick effect. If I could simply fool myself I was huge, I would give my wife better sex without actually having a bigger schlong.



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