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Homemade Power JELQ

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I think I need to try this out, I get tired after only doing 60 hand jelqs

Do I need to warm up my penis with got water in order to use the device

I got pretty excited about this idea and made one of these for myself. I was very disappointed with the amount of pressure you can apply. The thin metal arms bend easily and so a lot of force is lost. This thing is made for lifting mason jars in and out of hot water. It is by no means a strong clamping mechanism.

I would say don’t waste your time or money. Its a great idea, and super cheap, but you can exert WAY more pressure on your unit with a strong manual grip.

Sorry to bring back this old thread but I got a quick question. Does anyone have an idea on how to add the fancy finger and thumb handles that the power jelq has? I feel like it would make things easier

I want a super advanced and applicable version of this. automated lol.

99$ for this one:
Looks good but functionality should be much much cheaper DIY.

The handles could be glued on.

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1 7891011

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