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Homemade Power JELQ

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I think I need to try this out, I get tired after only doing 60 hand jelqs

Do I need to warm up my penis with got water in order to use the device

I got pretty excited about this idea and made one of these for myself. I was very disappointed with the amount of pressure you can apply. The thin metal arms bend easily and so a lot of force is lost. This thing is made for lifting mason jars in and out of hot water. It is by no means a strong clamping mechanism.

I would say don’t waste your time or money. Its a great idea, and super cheap, but you can exert WAY more pressure on your unit with a strong manual grip.

Sorry to bring back this old thread but I got a quick question. Does anyone have an idea on how to add the fancy finger and thumb handles that the power jelq has? I feel like it would make things easier

Does anyone know where to get some silicone skin safe sleeves to put over the rollers instead of foam i really want to find a way to do that?

I wanted to add a variation I did after buying the canning tongs and pipe insulation. As many have noted it’s hard to get the rollers to hold the sides of the penis properly without having the shaft twist as you’re applying pressure and pulling them toward the glans. I’ve seen guys complaining about this and even giving preference to the $100 “professional” model because the homemade doesn’t have this concave effect.

I fixed this issue pretty easily by replacing the duct tape on the rollers with 1” wide two-sided tape strips to build up the outer edges while leaving the center concaved.

Get your two sided tape and cut 4 strips that are around 6 inches in length. “Roll” these strips lengthwise around the very outer edges of the rollers. You can stop right here and put the pipe insulation around the rollers (the rollers on my Starfrit model are around 3 inches wide), and this should give you a nice taper toward the center that will hold the penis in the middle of the roller better.

I went the extra mile and put a strip of two-sided tape in the very middle of the roller to keep the foam in place better and potentially make it last longer, but only enough to do a complete revolution of the roller with no overlap.

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1 7891011

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