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Hey ThunderSS

Hey ThunderSS

i’m not suggesting that you don’t already have enough work to do, but i was wondering if it would be possible to set up an anonymous size survey for the members of this board that would include erect bp, erect nbp, midshaft erect girth, and base erect girth. i realise that this wouldn’t correspond with any sort of world or national average since the average male doesn’t use PE excercizes (at least i REALLY hope not), but i thought it might be enlightening nonetheless. anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this.

just a suggestion,

Hey Bebop

Size has the database about where he wants it I think, EXCEPT the guys doing the current experiment kinda hijacked it. I’ll see if I can get Size (who is busier than hell at work these days) to volunteer to put something together. This kinds thing is beyond my current abilities. We would need to make it members only somehow, to be sure that a guy could only enter his data once. If Size is too busy, I’ll see if I can teach myself how to do it. Worse case scenario, I could do it with polls, but they could possibly get too large.

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right on, Thunder...

fair enough. i just wanted to put the idea out there. i especially think the anonymity aspect is important. if something comes of this, great. if not, so be it. thanks for a timely response. also, i’m not at this time able to contribute to “the hat”, but i would like to at least thank you for providing us all with the excellent resource of this board.


Reminds me

I know there is pretty much a universal way that we all measure girth. Center where most ppl are thickest, right? I was thinking,”dont get TOO worried yet :)

Wouldnt a more accurate measurement be just before the head, in the center and near the base,”same exact 3 places every time”.

Add the three measurements and divide by 3 and you get the average. Not all of us are thickest or will see the most gains in just one spot. Plz give feedback on this idea. I think that this is the way I’m going to start measureing.


Back to the noob threads I guess. Sorry bout that. I read as much as I could last night for about 3 hours. Thx for reply :)

Hey Slim,

I still read the Newbie Forum also. :D There is a hell of a lot to read here, and some dam good stuff too, thanks to our members. But if you think it is a lot to read now, just think of the guy starting to get into PE in a year or so.

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