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Hey guys I'm back - need help and adivce

Hey guys I'm back - need help and adivce

I’m sorry that I didn’t post anything for a few weeks, but I took some PE time off since I stopped gaining lately. I went from 5.75 to 6.50 BP in 7 weeks, I think. Then stopped gaining at all after the 7th week. After the 10th week I decided to take some PE time off to rehab my tenders, muscles, ligaments, etc for a new workout. Right now I’m back. What I am concerned is that I will not gain anything anymore. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

My routine is 700 wet jelqs every 12 hours (I also throw some stretches here and there). It seemed to bring me some gains at the beginning(5.75 to 6.50 BP). But lately I haven’t gained at all. That’s why I took some time off. I heard it helps recover tissue for new growth, don’t know if that’s true.

Give me some advice, I don’t know what else to do. I would like to get some new routine ideas. Especially those ideas that brought you guys gains.

Let me know what worked for you guys, please.

Thank you,

John S.

hey, you are not going so bad…it seems to me!
maybe you can go for a good routine of stretches now…
I do them, after the warm, and before the jeql, squeezes.
There are a good variety of them.
For me, I try to use all of them, to hit every part of ligs and tunica.
down, right, left, up at first (and even in the middle position of this angles)
V-stretch, working well the septum
lateral stretches, to work the skin at the base
DLD stretches ( and bundle stretches…I am trying)
I also use to change my grip, and I alternate :a grip
at the base, a grip under the head (with the skin) and
the grip under the head, without skin.

If you hit the tunica and the ligs, from any angle
you will gain, with the time.
You are going very well, until now!

best luck


Maximum potential


I think what you did during the first 7 weeks was to expand your dick to its maximum potential. Meaning, you exposed your dick to its natural size. Now its time to get some real gains. Don’t stop and change your routine a bit to overcome the plateau you obviously hit. Incorporate stretching, jelqing, squeezes and maybe weights or pumps in your routine. Be consistent and patient.

Bib’s a great source for advice on hanging, Avocet is a guru on the pumping issue. Also Thunder might have some good advice on pumping, too. Talk to those guys, read their posts.

Good luck.

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