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Help with Clamping

Help with Clamping

Hey all, I just can’t seem to get the clamp thing right… When I get erect - I get SERIOUSLY hard, a lot harder than most people, I have an 11 oclock erection and a SOLID erection, When I am this hard I cannot clamp because there is no chance I can squeeze more blood in cos it’s too rock solid.

Can someone tell me how to do it exactly? and also how I can get over my problem?

Thanks guys!

There’s some good info about extreme Ulis in the latter part of Bib’s history thread. Depending on what you’re using for wrap and how tight you can get the cable clamp, you may or may not be able to do true EU’s (other gadgets are better for them), but attaching is the same either way.

After reading that thread, try this:

Get semi-erect and wrap where the device will go (preferably the base). Attach the device loosely, but tight enough to block most of the outflow. Kegel while pulling the thing/clamp down toward the base. This forces blood into the shaft past the clamp. Do this repeatedly. You can perk your erection up a little if needed. When a good amount of pressure is built in the shaft and head give the device a final kegel/pull back and while holding it back fully tighten the clamp.

Hope that helps.

hobby is right. You can’t apply the clamp properly if you’re fully erect. I put the clamp on to force engorgement, and then try to Kegel, etc, to force more in there before clamping completely(as far as it will go). I then apply a second clamp next to the first to apply more pressure. Ideally I’d clamp at the base, but wherever the amount of engorgment allows is where I do clamp.


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