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Help, My Wiener's Shrinking!!!

Help, My Wiener's Shrinking!!!

My wiener was doing great last week. Measuring 6 3/4” length but now it’s only 6 1/4”. I am not a limber person person; I can’t even touch my toes. The only thing that works for me is to stretch hard and painfully and to do it every day. So I thought that would be the best thing to do for my wiener. Well it worked for the first couple of days. I was doing the 3 days on 1 day off 2 days on etc. And the improvement was great. I was doing:

3 sets of the pull in 4 different directions for 30-60 secs each.
20 mins jelqing flaccid and pulling down.
one lazy man for 10-15 mins
then some traction work at about 6 lbs. for 30 mins, sometimes twice for 60 mins total

Worked great but then things just didn’t “feel” long anymore and when I measured I lost a lot of length. Fortunately at my peak I jumped the old lady after 3 1/2 weeks of nothing and she was ‘mucho impressedo’.

Of course I must of overdone it but what about the tough ligs I have and my tendency to not stretch? Anything I can do for that? I am also thinking about some light traction. Do my normal exercises then put my self in a light traction just mainly to keep myself at my max length not really to stretch. I’m thinking that it will tend to ‘heal’ longer if I do that but that may just be a stupid thought. Any thoughts?

Sounds like you’re doing too much at once. Try separating your hanging to a later time in the day instead of right after your jelqs and manual stretches. Also, make your hanging hour not two 30 minute sessions, but three 20 minute ones. But first you might try a week off to let things settle down.

Mine shrunk after I apparently had overworked it. It took a good five days for it to recover and get back in shape. Only advice I can give you is to take a break for several days or a week like westla90069 says. You know when you recognize your willy again… Then you obviously need to go lighter with the workouts at this point; so start again gently and find the right pace for your friend.

I’m only going on my 9th week of PE, but I’ve learned so far that looking for signs of overworking takes a little experience. Monitor your ability to get hard erections — if erections are no problem then you’re probably ready to go; otherwise you could benefit from easy work or even the day off. Then again, erectile function has to do with more than only physical condition, so apart from other member’s knowledgeable testimonials, your own personal experience is invaluable to optimize your routines and program.

Enjoy your break, and have faith that your weenie will soon enough recover!

Thanks guys for the advice. I think the hard erections is a good monitor and I’ll let things settle for a week. I was going to push through this problem by doing the concrete block and rope thing off my balcony but I’ll hold off for now.

Originally Posted by PeeFright
I was going to push through this problem by doing the concrete block and rope thing off my balcony but I’ll hold off for now.

Yes, I think you should let it heal first. The balcony will be there next week too, am I right? :^

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