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Hello everybody! Newb checking in. After lurking for a few times I decided to join. I believe that these manual exercises may help me acheive my goals.

I am 6 inches long and 4.5 inches in girth. I am also crooked to the left quite noticeably when erect and flaccid. My interests lie in lessening the curve and increasing my girth.

I will continue to lurk and read (there is so much to read here!) and hopefully I can jump right in.

BPEL 6", EG 4.5" Remember God, keep Him in your daily life and he will deliver blessings

Welcome to Thunder’s Blue, I hope you get answers for your goal! I like your sig. too, God rocks. :D


The best thing for correcting the curve may be hanging. You should consider it.

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Hi Blue,

You’re right about reading. I’ve been around for several months and I don’t think I’ve scratched the surface yet for all the information here.

There are so many nuggets of knowledge in the Hangers Forum. Check it out.

I suggest you make sure read all the top threads in each forum. Top, as in the ones at the top of the page.

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Hi Blue,
Ramrod’s right, you can never read enough. Best of luck in getting the gains you’re after! And welcome to Thunder’s. :)


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Hello back

Hello Blue, and welcome to T’s place. I agree with Helluv. Hanging will help with a little of everything. The curve, length especially, and even girth, but read first, read everything all the vets have posted, especially Bib and Thunder. Read any threads dealing with injury, so you don’t make the same mistakes. Probably want to read all Capt Hooks stuff, from what I understand he is pretty much the athority on curved penises, (hence the name Hook) He also has developed one hell of a hanger, cheap and easy to make. Read about LOT and find where you are. The most important thing is take it slow and don’t hurt youself. There is a lot of wisdom here, as well as humor. Make PE fun, and comfortable and you are more likely to stick with it.

Good Luck

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thanks guys for the big welcome and all the info

While I was lurking I never considered hanging, but I will consider it now. It sounded kind of ‘out there’ but sounds exciting nontheless. Although I am worried this would strech my dick thinner than it already is. I will read on


BPEL 6", EG 4.5" Remember God, keep Him in your daily life and he will deliver blessings


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