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Height and prePE Penis Size - Correlated?


Height and prePE Penis Size - Correlated?

Hey i was just wondering if height and Penis size are correlated. I mean, a taller human has longer arms, legs, neck, etc. Then why wouldn’t a taller human also have a longer penis. Think about it. Why don’t we start a poll

My height barefoot: 5’11”
NBPEL: 5.75in
EG: 4.9in
Height to NBPEL ratio: 71in/5.75 = 12.35

I always thought that taller guys have longer dicks, please participate in this to see if my assumptions are right, please.

Thank you,

John S.

It doesn’t correlate.

I sooooo wish that was true :frown2:

6’2” 4.5 prePE NBPEL

heigt/ penis

I’m 5’ 6” and starting out BPEL 6’5” so I don’t think there is any correlation. I know a few taller guys significantly smaller. Not sure what my girth is but prob around 4.5

No correlation whatsoever. Height is based skeletally, of course, where as the soft tissues of the penis are not influenced whatsoever by your skeletal structure.

Me: Big hands, Big feet….no big meat.

Not yet, anyway, but I’m “revinventing” by dongularum.

Me: Big hands, Big feet, big meat!! There’s always an exception to the rule, Wad. BTW, I’m tickled pink to see you back and posting.


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6’ 6” here and pre PE 4.5 NPEL

I once had a so so looking girl in a club come up to me and say “Is it true that with tall guys its all in proportion?” Stareing down at my crotch. I replied “No unfortunatly not.” I got a confused look and she moved on.

I think it was Kurt Vonnegut who said “you never know who is going to get “one”“. There is no correlation, except to fortunate DNA or Genetics.

I read something on Mamie Van Dorens site, she mentioned the now deceased actor George Raft, had “one”, that measured past a 12 inch ruler, George was 5’ 5” or something.

Milton Berle (aka Uncle Miltie), supposedly had the biggest one in show business. I read a book about “Saturday Night Live”, and Uncle Miltie showed one of the Writers. The Writer said he layed it on the table, and it looked like a Python.

I play golf with 2 brothers, 1 is hung like a horse, the other is “normal”, yet they both have the same build, same parents, etc.

6’ 1” and around 7” bpel pre-PE

I’ve heard that the length of your index finger is related to the length of your NBFL. Before PE i would say that it was pretty close. I have about a 3 inch index finger and my penis was about 3.5 inches. but i have fairly small hands.

There are a lot of theories and myths out there, that claim that there is actually a correlation between nose, hand and feet size to dick size, but it’s unproven. I think it’s more related to family genes than anything else.

If your dad has a small one, and your cock would make a horse blush, look into your grandpa’s gene’s. You must have gotten it from someone….don’t you think?

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

6ft2 and only about 6x4.5 PrePE.

Well, it correlates to me, 5 ft 3, and 5.5” EL, 4.5 EG

Wow what’s with all you guys with 4.5” EG? I thought I was the only one that started with that. I don’t feel so alone. :)


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