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heating pad, al night long

heating pad, al night long


The penis grows when it is recovering it selves; not at the moment when you do the PE exercises. I thought that heating is good for the healing process. Is it reasonable to wear a electric heating pad ( [/url][/url] ) when you sleep, so the healing process will be stimulated?

I’ve read that people use electric pads. But only for warming when doing the exercises, not the whole night.

So my question is; Will it be good for the healing process when using a electric pad during the night?

Thanks a lot

I don’t know that it helps but too much heat for too long will kill off your little swimmers and make you sterile so I would be careful with doing that or at least keep it away from your nuts for an extended amount of time.

Heating pad all night may result in a fire, so that is a definite no no. Beside you wouldn’t get too much help from it, otherwise people would be heating their penises throughout the day.

I raised a question a couple of days ago about IR briefs for this very reason. The general consensus was that briefs would get ‘icky’ very quickly, but nobody commented on the IR aspect.

There is a ceramic that is impregnated into various materials that reflects heat back in the FIR range which would notionally provide a mild version of the effect you are looking for. I’m still looking for a bandage or similar made from this stuff that can be hand washed. I’ve not found exactly what I’m looking for, but equestrian sites seem to have similar things (used to accelerate injury repair on horses legs etc). It might be worth exploring that avenue.

I believe growing is at night, HGH is produced mostly at night (as far as I know) and testosterone is highest in the early morning, so I guess having good wood might be important to get the right shape for growing.

As far as I noticed wood starts somewhere at 5 AM and it continues for some period and repeats few times up to 11 AM.

I have noticed that drinking enough water before going sleep improves wood. Too much PE cuts it down.

Also I guess getting up too early might cut some wood that it is necessary for growing.

I guess heating is not necessary, it is warm enough when you are in a bed.

Those are just my thoughts. Nothing scientific really.

Night erections would have a few benefits that I can think of. First it would be good for blood supply, but also it would help prevent fibrils from sticking to other tissue areas that are close in an unerect state (these are the scaffold for the later remodelling). Also, there seems to be a tension response going on in most tissues. That is, if something is stretched then it produces a piezo like effect that generates a chemical response. Lack of this signal (such as in an immobilised limb) would not promote stimulation, and the net result would be deconstruction. Erections are relatively high pressure compared to blood in any other part of the body, so training may not be required for maintenance.

Think of extra heat like giving T3 to your dick. I’ve heard of people reporting extra warmth during a growth phase (Dr Pezzi for one).

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