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Happy Birthday DW !!!


A “Happy Birthday” also from me. I always like fellow Aries’

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike


Another April diamond baby. woo hoo.

Hope you had a great one girl.

Hey its the day after mine. We should have went out for birthday dances. ;)

Thanks Uncut4Big I forgot you were an Aries too. If it wasnt for you I would have never found my way to Thunder's Place. Many Thanks!! ThunderSS will probably want to kill you now. ;)

Thanks TazGirl! :p Happy Birthday to you also!!

29 is turning out not being so bad after all :D

I have only just gotten to know you DW, and i guess I am a little late wishing you Happy Birthday. But here goes!!!

Happy Birthday DW!!!

Happy Birthday

sorry I’m late with the happy happy, but have been out of town these past few days. I wish you many, many more.


What I never knew, I never will forget!


He wanted to kill me the first day I aksed him a question :D

For the second part, well I thought you’d be a great addition and I got Thunder to allow it. You’re welcome….

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Happy birthday DW, and I know, I’m late and a dollar short. so sue me :)

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

gorbiewan your already one of us. You fit in so perfect here already. So glad that you joined us here!!

Thank You for the Birthday Wishes!!! ;)

joshua I knew you would be here if you could. Your just in time. Since this is my last B-Day I intend to have. I can just spead it out for a while!!!
Miss you in my forum though!!

Uncut4Big Great Biggggg KISSSSSSSSS!!!

sunshinekid hey girl glad to see you. Thanks for the B-Day wishes. No need to sue you silly. Your right on time. :D

Thanks Everybody!!! :)

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