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Hairier base-shaft after gains

Was thinking of trying this stuff sometime..,has anybody used something like this with success?

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I used to have the same problem, so I used tweezers. And yes, it does hurt. A lot. At first anyways. Now, after maybe the 10th plucking (The hairs that grow back) the hair is very thin and very easy to pluck out. Also less and less hair is growing with each plucking.

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I’m pretty hairy down there so I’ve been plucking it for a while. I’ve had some bad experiences with ingrown hairs on the shaft so MAKE SURE you keep the area clean, Nick.

Hmmm, is this shavenomore stuff safe? I tend to be very suspicious of anything not offered by mainstream retailers. -Especially when it comes to my penis!

If anyone has tried the shavenormore product (or any other similar product) it would be good to get your feedback. I’m still not keen on this idea of plucking (!)

With all the chemical hair removers, you need to be very careful to test a small patch first and never leave it on too long. It can cause major soreness. Some makes have different strengths for face and body, so when you test it out try much less time than suggested and increase the time slowly until you find what works for you.

I still prefer shaving. :)

Ouch, you know you could let the hair grow out, soften it with hair conditioner.

Shave it, then apply moisturizer and hair conditioner before having sex, it even softens stubble. What she is really noticing is that your dick grew.

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Just shave man. Its easier, as it starts to grow back just cut it.

Originally Posted by oobiedoobie
Was thinking of trying this stuff sometime.,has anybody used something like this with success?


Hmm, I can’t tell if that’s a scam or not. I’ll look into that.

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I have had no trouble using depilatories on my sensitive areas.

You could also try this:

There are links down the page for US and UK-Euro users.

One of the big shaver makers also has a model for the delicate areas; I forget who it was, but will check my links.

Although I have got a wet/dry shaver which you can use in the shower, I still use a blade razor for my nuts and cock, and do it in the shower. Lately I have started using those new gillettes with a battery in the handle; it vibrates and gives a cleaner sweep, but doesn’t nick.

Here it is, Philips’ Bodygroom. Amusing gentlemanly-but-racey advertisement, a la James Bond.

Has anyone considered laser hair removal. I have since I have seen the hair creep up my shaft as my gains increase. But a laser near my unit makes me cringe. Has anyone out there had this procedure, is it even feasible.

Thanks firegoat but no thanks, I did not get the direct answer I was looking for. I want to know if someone has got their shaft lasered, where the new growth has occurred. I already know what it is and how it is used on other regions of the body, but not on Mr. Yanke himself. So get back to me if you know someone who has had the procedure.

Yes, my 2 cents worth is that plucking is the way to go. My gf plucks me cause she hates the pubes when she is sucking it. My shaft is hairy due to a botched circumcision when I was aged two in Africa, they took off too much skin. When I was a teenager my dick growth far exceeded my skin to accommodate it and my scrotum went up my cock so I ended up having quite a hairy shaft that become worse as I am getting older. Anyway when you have someone with a vested interest in getting it hairless it is the way to go. You get used to the plucking pain it is not a big deal. Square flat ended tweezers, according to my gf are the best. Oh, and a good light source for her, you can get intimate that way.

I have been waxing my chest and back for over five years. Ever since I got serious about bodybuilding. About three years ago I thought what the heck. (This is where you grit your teeth). I told my esthetician to go “Brazilian”. Yeow! It hurt like hell the first time the second a little less and a little less every time after that. The hair grows back slower and finer every time. Now I go in every six weeks or so and it really isn’t a problem.

About two months ago I started laser hair removal for my back and chest which is a whole lot less painful and permanent. It is however a lot more expensive. I still go to my esthetician every six weeks for the “Brazilian” but I am considering lasering down there too.


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