Guys I have a wrappping Question

Hey guys in been a couple weeks since I posted. I was on a steady hanging schedule, had been on it about a month. My dad had a stroke two weeks ago so I haven’t done any PE in over two weeks. I decided I am going to wrork on girth instead of length. With a goo hard on I am pretty close to 7 bp. My girth is only like 4.5 to 4.7. Today I jelqued for about 15 minutes then did some erect bends, and a hair band exercise. This kinda like using the cable clamp for a uli effect. It’s an elastic hair tie and I just put it at the base and get in as much blood as possible. I hold it for a little while, and bend it some. It gets really veiny, and mabey .5 inches thicker. I have been trying to put a piece of a sock around the base, and put a rubber band to keep the blood in after my workout but it is too tight. What do you guys suggest for after girth workout wrapping to keep the girth, and the arousal effect. I kno some guys use a wrist band or something. I saw an ace brand knee wrap, the skinny kind that basketball players wear. It had a smaller wrap in the box that looked good to wrap a dick in. my flaccid is small like 3 inches.