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Growth and Size Illusion Issues


Originally Posted by Iguana

I have also had the same thing happen as Phyriel. Sometimes after a work-out I look huge. Pull out the ruler and tape and I
Measure the same old size, even though it looks like a monster. I can’t explain this one either.

Yup it even feels thicker in your hand, looks thicker, plumper and the whole nine yards but when you whip out the ruler you can’t even get the satisfaction of seeing 1mm more. The ruler discourages me at times LOL

How it’s possible iguana?? My GF who don’t know a shit about PE, and even today knowing still doesn’t believe, has said a tons of time that I am big and chubby, and a lot more man, but when it comes the rules, It’s the same, I must be getting crazy with all this PE job.

Try wearing a tinfoil hat. If the problem persists then you can rule out #4.

Well now, that sounds just a little too wacky!!

But… I did try shaving my head, putting a piece of bologna under each armpit, and crowing at my neighbors mailbox. When that didn’t
work I spent the rest of the afternoon batting pigeons of a fence with a mannequin’s arm.

Unfortunately, the next few weeks were in solitary confinement in a rather tight fitting jacket. And much to my dismay, when I returned home the my penis still looked the same size. Interestingly, my neighbor now gets a subscription to Ebony magazine… AND he’s not black! Coincidence?
I think not!

Seriously, are our minds just playing tricks on us? How can you look big but measure the same?
How can you measure longer but still look the same? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal: my strength lies solely in my tenacity.

Louis Pasteur

I think it is because after we discover PE and start jelqing, stretching, putting the penis is strange devices and such, we see our penis ALLOT more then we used to, hence we do not notice the growth visually since it is so gradual. I am very certain that if you somehow managed to get your gains without looking at your penis from the time you started to the time when you had made your gains you would have noticed it visually in a big way.. :D

I think Babbis is right. But I’m still gonna wear my tinfoil hat, just in case :D (I have experienced the same thing as you Iguana, and I don’t get it either.)

I get this too. I always just assumed it was because my gains were minimal, and that I just don’t notice it.

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What Wantsmore and Kingpole said seems right on to me.

Like Wantsmore, I work my unit pretty well but this sometimes means a weaker erection level when entering my partner - but once I’m inside (where I can’t *see* it) I get 100% hard and I can feel I’m reaching a bit farther than I did before.

Also Kingpole’s reality check idea: compare yourself to some object. I have this shampoo bottle, and one day found myself thinking, “gee, if only my dick were that big”…because, looking down, my dick doesn’t look that big. I held the shampoo bottle against my dick and was amazed to find they were of equal length! That was an eye-opener.

Hmm…hey Iguana, is the skin at the base of your penis stretching up? I know that happens to me, and I blame it on that. Definitely gonna have to start comparing to an object though and taking pictures. I’ve gained quite a bit this summer in BPEL but my NBPEL is almost the same. It is definitely frustrating as hell.

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