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Great lig burn-high leg stretch

Great lig burn-high leg stretch

If you are having trouble getting a burn in your ligs with manual stretching, try this position: Lift one leg high off the floor (bathroom sink) while your other is on the ground. Grab your penis with an overhand grip with the hand on the same side as the raised leg, underneath the knee of the raised leg. Switch sides

You will inevitably feel the stretch slightly more on one side, but if you concentrate on stretching the penis perpendicular to the body (as opposed to more at an angle), it should be felt pretty evenly. I have trouble feeling lig burn SD or BTC when sitting on my toilet (seat down of course), but with this I get a great burn. Let me know what you think.

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I used to do this laying down. I would use my raised leg to exert pressure on my arm and so stretch the penis using the stronger leg muscles instead of the easily tired arm ones. I could hold these stretches for about 10 minutes before my hand gave out. Once I started hanging, I compared the pressure and found I was getting 10-15 pounds with an easy stretch, 20 with a hard one. What I liked most about laying down with this stretch was that it could be done even with a girl sleeping next to you and she would never know. That and it was much easier on the hands and the arms.

As you mention, this through the leg thing gives a great Lig burn - standing or laying down. You lig stretchers should definitely be doing this. It is as close to hanging as a stretch can get.

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I agree with Steve. Laying down makes this stretch much easier on the hands/arms. Unfortunately, I overdid the stretch and tore one of my suspensory ligs. It healed OK, but now I have a hard knot under the skin of my cock. PLEASE be careful.

On the lighter side, maybe if I do this enough times, I can turn my cock into a french tickler.

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I’ve been doing these for the past week, great stretch. Although I believe some of the burn I may be feeling is not only my ligs, but also my skin being stretched.

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dont’understand,any drawing or picture?

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