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Great Anatomy Find

Great Anatomy Find

Alright. I realize not everyone is as interested in this as I am, but I wanted to report on my latest find anyway. It’s a book, entitled, “The Architecture and Design of Man and Woman,” by Alexander Tsiaras.

The book portays visually stunning and sensuous models in various states of anatomical undress. Parts of their bodies are translucent and parts are artistically “stripped away” to reveal their inner anatomical detail.

Of course, there are views of the genitals, as well as copulation drawings, which are spectacular.

Of particular interest to me were the drawings of the penis. The attachments to the pubic symphysis and ischiopubic ramus are shown more clearly, and from more angles, than anything I have previously seen. Some of what I see will require me to revise the LOT Simulator.

I just thought I’d let you know. This book really sets a new standard. It’s both beautiful and informative (and, no, I don’t work for the publisher).

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A search of “Books” on using the author’s name brings up several other titles that look interesting.

Thanks for the heads-up Modesto, sounds like its worth a look-see.

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