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Got a little too aggressive!

Got a little too aggressive!

Well I figured since I was going to be resting the next two days that I would get a really good workout in today. Its seems that moist heat like soaking in a bath tub gives a way better workout or something! I soaked in a tub (which i normally don’t do) and then I did some really hard jelqing. Now i have lots of broken blood vessels (bigger red spots) and a couple of little bruises. Well it is obvious I got a really good workout, but how do I get these red spots to heal quickly? I see my gf regularly and I don’t want her to see all this. So what should I do? Heat it up a lot? Massage it?

LOL! You just got a really good workout is all, they will be gone by tomorrow…

No, not always. When you got those bigger redspots, did you feel any sharp pain at the time, and is the bloodspots a little darker ? If so this could take 1 week or so to go away. And be careful


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