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Girthgains and pain?

Girthgains and pain?

I have finally found out how to gain girth for me. It took awhile but now I know how to get it… My routine isn’t very heavy jelq and horses together takes 25-30 min, 2-6 horses… This routine every other day….

My question is: Does fast girth gains hurt as they come. I have decided to not do my routine since it feels pumped up today, never has earlier. My small girth has always been 4.4” now only FOUR days later it is 4.5”. I took one week off before these FOUR days. It feels like I am making progress, I do actually see the 0.1” inch very much. Still why does it feel like soreness to my dick?

Anyone experienced the same thing? I have not gotten any bruises or anything.

Restarting everything.

Girth gains are weird, is it because I gain too fast?

Restarting everything.

Girth gains involve stressing and stretching the tunica laterally. I have on occaison felt a lingering soreness, more of a well worked out feeling after great girth sessions.

Just don’t overwork things.

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Maybe some pain for the next girl you stick it in! :D

I guess 0.1 inch in approximately 3 days… It is more like 3 days when I think twice. This means almost +1”/month EG. I guess things don’t have time to adapt… But this is probably just something temporary…
As I wrote girthgains are weird…

Though, I do really need some… I´d like to fit a normal sized condom without a slippery dick… 4.4 or 4.5 means 11.5 cm…

I ask twice, noboy else experienced this soreness?

Restarting everything.

I’ve noticed soreness after more intense workouts, but I can’t say that they were associated with girth gains. I believe that you feel soreness due to the stresses that are applied on the tunica to get the gains.

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