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Girth? Finally!

Girth? Finally!

Hey guys I think I am finally starting to see some results in the girth department…

I took a couple of weeks pretty much off for a bit to get totally rested, then jumped in sometime last week….

I think it was Pan who said somewhere “You have to get your dick BIG 2-3 times a day…”

Well that appears to be the medicine I needed. been approx 3 days rest and I still got that 3mm or so :)

my idea was to spend a whole bunch of time one evening to get the thing to be majorly swollen and bloated, via intense squeezes, horses, ulis, whatever came into my head at the time… no ‘specific’ routine there… and some mild pumping…

by the next morning, I’d do some jelq, uli etc for about 10 minuites, then again at lunch, and then again in the evening, maybe even twice in the evening…. I kept this up for about 2 days or so after the initial “evening plumpening” session….

and then take a few days off to heal.
Feels like it works coz by hell its sore at even the start of every workout! hehe

It looks like I’m getting evidence for myself that the “healing in the extended state” is the way to go. at least for me.

Keep you posted if this success continues…

Nice post :)

Are you finding that the 3X jelq sessions are adding length too (I assume this would be unwanted) or are you only gaining girth.

Do you think the pumping after (?) the uli’s et al is helping? Did you try without the pumping?

Thanks for the quote attributed to Pan, I’ve either read and forgotten or missed that.

Hope it continues to work for you :)


I’m happy for you bro, you have worked real hard and deserve the gains, keep us informed this might be what other hard girth gainers need. Do you think the time off helped? I took 5 days off and I have changed my routine, I will post about it if it works.


Memento, I think that I actually am losing length, if anything. Which is highly unusual because the way it used to work, I would gain length regardless of routine… weird.

I think that pumping adds a new dimension/type of stretch, and someone once said here (sorry cant remember who) that pumping weakens the tissues for a heavier fatigue through manual exercises… which I think is quite true (But dont go too far, bloat is a bastard to contend with when you’re trying to jelq!)

Dino, thanks. I have worked hard, but not nearly as hard as some guys who get even less reward for more work :( My feelings go out for those guys…

To answer your other question, I believe that a few days rest after this pummeling was the reason that I am keeping the growth - I think that if you shatter your tissues consistantly, like every day, for a long time, it could be like the overtraining you get with muscles: eg if you do too much, they cant repair to keep up with damage and you get a wasting effect (SCREAM!)

One thing I noticed though, recently I have been seeing more and more VEINS! even little hair size ones that I never even knew existed before are starting to expand! its looks good and I am happy that I am drastically increasing the vascular health of my tool :D

damn, Im relaly on a PE high right about now ;)

Congrats secjay!

I want to add my input here. I also started to do more than one session a day, what I do now (for the last month) is two sessions: one in the morning, one in the evening, each take between 1 hour to 1.5 hours.

What I do is jelq, PJ, squeezes, sadsack, horses, ulis, jelq with different grips (thanks memento and thunder), all this about 90% erect, for 20 min. then pump (about 4.5hg) for 7 min., then 7 min. jelq, squeeze etc., then another session of pump, and another jelq session etc. 4 sessions each.

Also I wear a cock ring after each session for about 4 hours, this keeps me hanging big pretty much all of the day.

I do this 5 days, with 2 days off in the weekend.

Thanks avocet and Merlin for contributing to my thoughts for the pump and jelq routine (in the thread: Synergistic Effect of Pumping When Systematically Combined with Other PE Techniques).

Anyhow, I did this for a month and broke my girth plateau (which was for about 4 months), I gained 0.8 cm this month!

When I try to figure this out, I realise there are a few changes I made in this month, so it is hard to pinpoint which conributed more, but basically what I did changed was:

- started using the PJ more (thanks peforeal for encouraging me on this one)
- reduced my time and pressure in the tube
- started this pump, jelq, pump, jelq routine
- started doing 2 sessions a day
- started wearing cock rings on a regular basis
- started taking 25 mg. of Viagra before almost every session (this might be more of a personal thing cause I have mild ED, what it does is help me more more blood around during the session)

well, so far (fingers crossed) it seems to be working, and it feels good, it seems that now that every time I start my first session after the 2 days off I feel some increase in volume.

When I was in my plateau I was thinking of taking a break for a few weeks, but this gain kind of put off this idea for the moment.

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braker - wow! 0.8cm in just a month thts pretty damn impressive, and just think; thats almost 4 inches in a year!!!
(yeah, gimme 9” girth anyday ;) )
hehe when and IF it ever gets more than about 6.5” for me, I don’t think I’ll be able to do my exercises properly anymore heh

Just think about it, your routine for eg, is simmilar to mine:
except for that I did one massive 1 hour+ intense workout to kick it off, then several much lighter (10-20 minuite) sessions per day after that for about 2-3 days. What I was doing as I understand it, was increasing the cellular “framework” with the big session, and then keeping it that much larger for enough time for the ‘gaps’ to fill in with new stuff.
(Call this a simplistic/innaccurate theory, but hell it gets results!)

Your routine I think works on the same principle, except I would probably recommend downing the workout time a bit and adding another seperate workout during the middle of the day…. just my opinion, but hey if you’re seeing great results like that, then why change til you aren’t??


yeah, exactly my thoughts, why change if I do.

but inspired by this thread, yesterday I tried 3 sessions during the day, one was 1.5 hours the others about 1/2 an hour or 45 min. and I walked with a cock ring for most of the day, and it was too much, I felt too sore.

what you say though about lighter sessions does make a lot of sense.

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